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    Affordable Places to Eat in Aspen, Colorado, United States

    Discover not only the breathtaking mountainous view of Aspen but also the wide variety of exquisite food they offer. Have you ever thought of visiting Aspen? Aspen is known as one of the most expensive towns in Colorado or else in the United States. If it’s your first time visiting Aspen, you might be wondering where to eat cheaply in a place well-known for its high cost of living. I lived there as a student intern for a year, so better take it from me! You know how resourceful students are when it comes to budgeting their money, don’t you agree?

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    Beauty Bloggers at Sample Room’s Endless Summer Event

    Despite the high chances of raining, we’re still blessed to have good weather last Saturday. It was Sample Room‘s annual summer party which held at the Seawall Side Garden of Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. It was overwhelming to be part not only of this event but also of this growing family. To those who are not familiar with Sample Room, it is the Philippines first and only sampling and review website for beauty, health and lifestyle products. They provide sample products from their brand partners which you can try before you buy its regular size. But actually, some of their sample products are already in full size which you can…

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    Beauty Arsenals’ Chroma Celloshine Color Hair Treatment

    Going to the salon is the most relaxing and rewarding thing every woman could experience once a month or at least every two months. But we all know how hair treatments or even a simple manicure would cost especially in the well-known salons. If you have the time and you can afford it, lucky you. But if you’re on a budget like me, then why don’t you do it yourself? 😉 Two months ago, I got to try the Chroma Celloshine Color Hair Treatment which I got from Beauty Arsenals which is owned by my sister who has been an online seller for more or less eight years now, I…

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    Japan: Ueno, Harajuku and Shibuya

    It was almost lunchtime when we left my relatives’ apartment where we stayed. We were a group of 9, and most of us were girls, would you still bother to ask why were late? 😉 DAY 3 December 23, 2018 UENO Since my two sisters are what we call the ‘Waze’ in our family, they searched for a must-try restaurant in Ueno where we could have lunch. Under the JR Line in Ueno, the streets are like a market filled with small restaurants, street food, and goods. We searched for Shoryu which serves large-sized gyoza. We still had our bowls of ramen and shared a few plates of gyoza. As…

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    #WhatAiWore: Playing with neutrals and mustard

    When it comes to packing for a trip, I usually start to plan my outfits right away. It may take quite some time, but hey, at least I won’t get stressed during my trip! When I plan my outfits, I try it on, just like what any other girl does. It lets me know if my top or jeans still fit me or not, and if it would look good together as I have imagined it. On our third day in Japan, we went around a few cities in Tokyo. I’m wearing a mock turtleneck sleeveless ribbed top over a white pullover top. It has a print on it which…

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    My floral dresses wishlist | Zaful

    The sun is getting brighter as the days are getting hotter. I can already feel the summer heat in the Philippines and fun women floral dresses are finally out again! I’m so excited for it!! Zaful is my go-to online shopping destination for my ootds. Where’s yours? Below are the top 3 floral dresses on my wishlist: I actually have a lot more in mind but I just contained myself and stick with these three which I can really wear. Floral print self-tie wrap dress SALE at $18.99 I love its color which I find so subtle. Its fabric and style seem so comfortable and easy to wear. I’d definitely…

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    My dilemma as a blogger

    I feel like there are so many things going on in my life right now which I’m grateful and frustrated at the same time. First, I feel like for so long, I’ve been enslaved by different collaborations I’ve had for the past two years. I’m grateful for all of the brands and people I’ve worked with, but true enough, as time go by, I know it isn’t what drives me to blog. Recently, I just discovered a new travel app, and no I won’t going to mention it for others might mistaken this for a sponsored post. From there along with lots of different Instagram accounts I came across to…

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    #WhatAiWore: Disneyland winter outfit ideas

    Nothing fancy but a Minnie Mouse hoodie. Almost two years ago, this is what I wore at Tokyo Disney Sea, good thing it was raining back then so I wasn’t really able to post what I wore that time on my blog! Haha, di na ko nakapag OOTD ng maayos nun. Anyway, when going to Disneyland or any theme park, one thing I always prioritize is comfort! Like what I always say, when it comes to traveling, you shouldn’t always give up comfort over style especially when you can work on both! ♥ It depends on what pieces you’re most comfortable wearing, but for me, whatever season I’m in, I’d…

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    #AiExplore: Christmas at Tokyo Disneyland

    As much as I would like to reach out to more people around the world, I feel like I couldn’t better express myself other than in the language I’m most comfortable speaking with which is TagLish (Tagalog and English) that’s why I’d like to start writing on my blog in this way too. Also, this way, I feel like I’m adding a more personal touch with my posts since this is really how I speak. However, for my future collaborations with international brands/companies, of course, I’d have to write them in English. So let me start by sharing my holiday trip in Japan! ♥ Visiting Disneyland is one thing. But…

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    Lookbook | Zaful

    Sweaters and hoodie. As unfortunate as it may sound, I couldn’t seem to wear any of these in the Philippines, except for much cooler places here like Tagaytay and Baguio where I can wear at least the cropped hoodie. I specifically chose these thick sweaters last November 2017 thinking I’d be able to wear them on my holiday trip to Japan which apparently is during the winter season. I wasn’t able to choose the express shipping not in mind the busiest time of the year. Obviously, after a month of waiting for the package to arrive, I was left with no choice but to stick with what I have in…