Hello, gorgeous!

I’m Airish a 23-year-old Filipino. I was born and raised in the hot and humid, but the beautiful Philippines. All my life I lived in the city, was far from the mountains and beaches. I’m a home buddy, and I don’t mind staying in for a week. I enjoy my family’s company, but I have friends too, in case you’re wondering.

I graduated with a Double Degree back in 2015. First was a Philippine Bachelor’s Degree of B.S. International Hospitality Management from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, and the second one was a French Bachelor’s Degree of Manager en Hotelleie Internationale from Institut Vatel in France. No, I didn’t study in France, if you may ask. But DLS-CSB is known as Vatel Manila.

Before that, I spent a year in Aspen, Colorado, for an internship. I was only 19 when I moved abroad temporarily. It was a life-changing experience to be away from my home and start doing things on my own. Living in a completely different culture and having the chance to experience the four seasons was all new to me since the Philippines only has a dry and wet season. Aside from that, I got to interact with people of different nations and had the chance to explore the other side of the world.

What led me to entrepreneurship?

While I was still in the US, I worked as a full-time Room Attendant intern and a part-time Banquet Server. What I earn in an hour is only equivalent to a day of a minimum wage salary in the Philippines, minus the tip. I get paid reasonably for a tough job. But I knew that working in a hotel industry was never for me. Even before I get into college, I barely knew what I wanted to be when I grow up. I was very introverted especially with strangers, so I had no idea why I ended up in the service industry.

When I get back to the Philippines, I decided not to go for another training abroad a.k.a work. I spent months after my graduation figuring out what industry I’d like to settle in. In November 2015, During our family trip to Thailand, I decided to curate some items which I plan to sell online in the Philippines. The following month, I created an Instagram account and proceeded with product shoot for my clothing brand, Gorgeous Glance.

Starting up a business was never easy, so due to the desperation of being jobless, I processed my application again in January 2016. I waited for that entire year working on with my application along with some local job interviews here and there.

In August 2016, still a little progress with my application and my clothing brand. That same month, I decided to import locally instead which I’ve been doing up to the present. Now, I am blessed to have two spaces in different showroom locations which I’m leasing. Truthfully, I still struggle with my monthly expenses and debts, but I know that God will bless my business fruitfully in His perfect timing.

As for my application, things happen, and I wasted time and A LOT of money. In early 2017, I decided not to push through anymore due to a critical personal reason.

Living the life which not everyone would understand.

Graduating with a 4-year course from one of the most prestigious colleges in the country, and ending up as an online seller slash blogger was a life which everybody won’t understand. A few years back, a lot of people would ask me, “no plans of working yet?” or “how come you settled with that job?” because apparently, they expect me to be a hotelier and make a living in a traditional work setup. People would intentionally or unintentionally tell you what you should be doing, or at least what they think you should be doing. Some would even judge you for the life you have. But guess what? It doesn’t matter. Just because others are doing it doesn’t mean you should do it too. As for me, things may not come my way as planned, but I keep striving and doing what I love, and eventually, I know that success will come its way.

What made me continue blogging?

As a person who loves keeping a diary, I started writing my thoughts online through the oldie but good, Multiply which is now closed down. There’s this blog section or at least a part where you can share your thoughts apart from the so-called ‘status.’ However, I kept my posts private for sure. Then, in my senior high, my sister, Style Reader, introduced me to Tumblr from where I started my very first blog and eventually made my way to Blogspot. Aside from sharing my thoughts, I’m very fond of sharing my style, my skincare routine, a few makeup looks, product reviews, faith and lifestyle, events, and most of all, my travel adventures.

In my inconsistent years of blogging, a camera, and a laptop were its biggest causes. But for some reason, I always find myself kept coming back to writing. In 2015, I finally had a camera. Yay! I worked hard with my content for the past three years. As of the moment, I work with several fashion and beauty brands for collaborations and sponsored posts. I also look forward to working with travel companies in the future and feed my wanderlust soul forever.

Today, I still don’t have my laptop yet, but that won’t stop me from chasing my dreams to becoming a successful content creator and a fruitful entrepreneur.

Let’s motivate one another.

Apart from sharing my life and sentiments, I aim to encourage you to stay positive and keep your faith stronger amidst all the awful things that have been happening in our broken world. I’m still a work in progress, and I have struggles too. I’m not the only one going through this kind of battle, and so are you. Out of the more than 7 billion people in the world, there will always be one who is dealing with the same problem as you. So please know that you’re not alone, God is with you, and I’m here for you too. Just keep going! ♥