Milk Peel Cream Mask
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Milk Peel Cream Mask

For some reason, beauty products with milk ingredient excite me a lot. This Milk Peel Cream Mask by Althea Korea contains milk protein extract to moisturize and revitalize the skin. An exfoliating clay texture mask which turns into a whipped cream lather. How cool is that?

More about Milk Peel Cream Mask

It’s suitable for combination skin types that helps remove impurities in your skin. Aside from that, loaded with vitamins for a healthy complexion and a revitalize skin.

Milk Peel Cream Mask

It comes in this 50ml white pump bottle with a light blue cap which I find very cute. Since its main ingredient is milk, I find the color combination of the bottle appropriate. Also, since it’s in a clay form, I find shaking the bottle helpful before pumping it. There was a time when I thought it was empty already since nothing comes out from the bottle, after shaking it the cream mask comes out generously.

Primary Ingredients

Milk Protein Extract


I couldn’t describe how good it smells but for me, it’s a combination of milk and baby powder. It’s very gentle and not overpowering at all like as if it’s a product intended for babies. ♥

How to use the Milk Peel Cream Mask?

Make sure that your face is damp before applying the Milk Peel Cream Mask evenly on your skin. I like massaging my face gently using my fingertips especially in areas such as my nose, cheeks, and chin. Then, the clay texture turns into a foamy cream lather. You can feel that it bubbles on your skin. Leave it for 30-60 seconds before rinsing it.

Milk Peel Cream Mask
Milk Peel Cream Mask
My experience using the Milk Peel Cream Mask

I love its mild pleasant scent. For me, the scent affects your experience when it comes to trying a specific product. Anyway, in less than a minute I could already feel a slight tingling sensation on my skin that makes me want to wash it off already. After washing it off, I love how my skin feels so soft. However, since I have a combination of dry and oily skin, I have noticed that my skin gets dry after using it more than once in a week. If you have dry skin like me, I recommend using it once a week only. But actually, I think it always depends on how your skin will react to the product.

I’m sure they can improve more on its moisturizing ingredients that can benefit those with dry skin like me. Though, I really like how my face feels so soft after using the Milk Peel Cream Mask. 🙂

Milk Peel Cream Mask
Milk Peel Cream Mask
Milk Peel Cream Mask
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Milk Peel Cream Mask
Milk Peel Cream Mask


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