Avon Body Illusion Seamless Bra and Panty
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Avon Body Illusion Seamless Bra and Panty

Avon Fashions Body Illusion has recently launched two seamless bras which are powered by Invisilite Technology. In my previous fashion related blog posts, I have mentioned countless times how much comfort means to me. Therefore, I’d like to share with you my new found comfort I found in these super soft undergarments!

Avon Body Illusion Seamless Bra and Panty

Charlene Underwire Seamless Bra and Panty
Bra: PHP899 | Panty: PHP299

It is a 3/4 cup bra made of ultra soft nylon spandex material in an eyeglass silhouette. I got it in Tuscany color, a shade of nude, I believe which is perfect for any outfit. Personally, apart from black, I also love to wear skin tone colored undergarments since I can wear it with pastel or light colored outfits. The bra is also available in bigger sizes such as 36C, 38B, and 40B.

Avon Body Illusion Seamless Bra and Panty
My experience using the Charlene Underwire Seamless Bra

For a few years now, I have been using seamless bras for my everyday outfits. Honestly, I don’t wear underwire bras anymore as I used to feel a little pain and discomfort wearing one before, and most probably because of my bust size. Surprisingly, and I kid you not, the Charlene “Underwire” Seamless Bra has changed my perspective when it comes to underwire bras. I have realized that not all underwire bras are uncomfortable to wear after all.

Things I like about the Charlene Underwire Seamless Bra and Panty

As for this undergarment set, it is true that it feels like second skin! Its silky fabric feels so soft and leaves no marks even on tight clothing. When it comes to wearing a bra, I don’t usually lock it so tightened as I feel uncomfortable, but with the Charlene Underwire Seamless bra, it is 2x stretch which I can secure even up to the last eye closure. Meanwhile, as for the panty, it is something I can use when wearing fit dresses, skinny jeans or even leggings which I usually do.

Avon Body Illusion Seamless Bra and Panty
Avon Body Illusion Seamless Bra and Panty
The comfort of using the Charlene Underwire Seamless Bra

I know how most of us, especially Filipinos, do not like investing much on loungewear and undergarments as we would always say, “pwede pa naman yan,” and I’m guilty of that too. But don’t you think we should be our most comfortable selves when we’re at home? Comfort isn’t something that should only be felt or experienced when around other people. It is something that starts within you and how you feel about yourself.

Using Avon Body Illusion in my everyday role

As home-based, many may think that comfort is not an issue especially when it comes to the tasks I do. I work as a Virtual Assistant and a Freelance Writer which requires me to not only be on my phone all the time but also in front of the computer or my iPad.

Meanwhile, as a Blogger aside from writing and posting, of course, I have to shoot for my content. And when it comes to shooting, I do everything on my own such as preparing and carrying the clothes, makeup, accessories, products, and the different products I need for a photo shoot. It is a must for me to wear a bra and panty which allows me to move freely and quickly. I work on the same venue for my shoot, but I see to it that in a way I get to change a bit of the setup or at least how I style and do my content.

Avon Body Illusion Seamless Bra and Panty
Avon Body Illusion Seamless Bra and Panty

Also, I take my photos with the help of my phone and my tripod. Taking good pictures require a lot of hard work, time and patience, especially if you are like me and you do everything on your own, that’s why wearing the Charlene Underwire Seamless Bra and Panty allows me to be confident behind and in front of the camera. That same day, I took photos of four different products or collaborations. I make sure to change my looks no matter how tiring and hot it gets and did you know that I was still wearing my Charlene Underwire Seamless bra under this off-shoulder top? It is lightweight and does not show any visible lines which make me feel like wearing nothing at all.

Avon Body Illusion Seamless Bra and Panty

Sonia Non-Wire Seamless Pull-on Bra and Panty
Bra: PHP899 | Panty: PHP299

Aside from the Charlene Underwire Seamless Bra and Panty, they have also launched this Non-Wire Seamless Pull-on Bra and Panty in Pale Blush which has molded cups and no hooks similar to a sports bra. Its prices are the same as the Charlene Set. The sizes are available up to XL.

Avon Body Illusion Seamless Bra and Panty

Feel free to check out this Body Illusion video too!

Introducing The NEW Avon Fashions Body Illusion Innerwear Collection

When choosing underwear, we ladies want something that feels like second skin.That’s why Avon Fashions came up with the new Body Illusion, our newest innerwear line powered by INIVISILITE Technology to provide women the ultimate comfort and support that #FeelsLikeFreedom! Feel it for yourself by ordering at avonshop.ph today!

Posted by Avon Philippines on Friday, March 1, 2019

At times, undergarments can make or break my day. Can you relate too? When feeling discomfort, it delays my productivity, while it decreases my self-esteem when visible lines show or when my panty or bra seems to have a bad fit which doesn’t flatter my figure at all. Any woman can conquer any task as long as she feels good about herself, she feels at ease, and nothing gets in her way.

Hence, the comfortable support of Body Illusions allows me to be carefree and be limitless. I believe that when I’m comfortable, I can be the most beautiful, the most confident, and the most efficient woman as I can be!


To those who are interested, Avon Fashions Body Illusion is available through Zalora, Avon Representatives, or via Avonshop.ph. Follow Avon Philippines on Facebook and Instagram to learn more

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