Dresslily Lace Dress
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Petite Try-On: Dresslily Lace Dress

Last month, I received this beautiful Dresslily Lace Dress in the color cadet blue. Short dresses are indeed petite girls’ best friend. Showing off a little bit of skin creates an illusion of having longer legs. However, there are also some maxi dresses which is ideal for a petite girl, like me too, and will talk about that some other time.

Flare Sleeve Lace Dress

I specifically chose this dress since I see myself wearing this on events or special occasions where I needed to dress formally. Its skintone inner lining is very appealing and compliments well with the cadet blue lace fabric. Sexy but still classy. Also, one thing I love about flare sleeves is that it is very comfy and not too tight on the arms. While as for its plunging neckline, I have a love and hate relationship with it since it is too low for my liking yet at the same time its v-neckline style shows my collarbone which I prefer. For this photo shoot, I want to show how the dress looks like as is, but probably wear a tube intimate apparel when wearing this on events.

Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is in just a few days! Have you thought about what you’ll wear on your date? Or probably to dinner with friends and loved ones? This Flare Sleeve Lace Dress is absolutely perfect for you too! You can use the coupon code DRESSTODL to get 20% off on your purchase! šŸ˜‰

Dresslily Lace Dress

If this dress isn’t for you, then you can always choose one from Dresslily’s website! They have a wide variety of items which you can get on a reasonable price. What are you waiting for? Shop now!

To those who are interested you may visit them at



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