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Perfectly Messy Bun with Hair Extensions

Crazy, casual, and yet charming! Messy buns, dear ladies, are a delight for a carefree yet beautiful makeover. If you are catching up with friends after work on a weekday or even hanging out with colleagues on a Friday night, a messy bun can add a touch of casual into your formal appearance, with little to no time spent in the ladies’ room.

Messy buns look great on any length of hair. But if you want a perfectly messy bun to grace your appearance, one thing you would certainly need is volume. Here are the good news ladies. You can achieve messy buns with great volume and length quite tirelessly, by using hair extensions. We are going to show you how to do a messy bun in five simple steps:

Step #1:

First things first, make sure to get your hair extensions on point. We recommend clip-in hair extensions or clip-in hair extensions, to save on time. Their application is simple and removing them is even simpler.

Step #2:

The messy bun is easy because you do not need to style them. Do not use a straightener, but if you are looking for additional volume, you can use a curling iron on your hair. You can even do this on messy and unconditioned hair.

Step #3:

Instead of using a straightener, you could use dry shampoo at your roots to tame those wild flyaway. You can then backcomb your hair to make your bun last longer, which also helps achieve the perfect look.

Step #4:

Next, you need to pull your hair up in a pony. Make sure you pull them at the exact point where you would want to place your bun. Secure it neatly with a hair tie.

Step #5:

Take a thick strand of hair, wrap it around and pin it on the base, as close as possible to your hair tie. You can then backcomb your ponytail and wrap your strands around the rest of your hair, forming a bun. Secure them with bobby pins as you go.

To get the complete messy bun look, let few of your hair vendors breathe free on the front of your face. With your hair framing around your face, with the bun on top, your look is complete. Make sure to use a bit of hairspray before stepping out.


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