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Chamaripa Men’s High Heels

As a kid, I remember how I used to love trying on my mom’s high heel shoes. At an early age, I already have that desire to wear pairs of shoes which gives me not only extra inches in height but also a boost in my self-esteem. For some reason, I just feel so confident wearing them. For us, girls, it’s easier to find high heel shoes here and there, but for men? I don’t think so. Nevertheless, a few days ago I’ve learned about Chamaripa which is famous for their men’s high heels.

At first, I thought these shoes were quite ordinary which doesn’t seem like high heels to me. But then I have discovered that they use full-size-increasers which serves as the elevating layer of the shoes without anybody noticing! I mean that would be amazing. If I were of the opposite sex, I’d definitely love that! Also, these full-size-increasers are made out of a soft yet tough material which I think is very comfortable.

Like as always, I came up with a list of Chamaripa men’s high heels which I personally love! (And would have probably worn if I were a man! Lol.)

My Chamaripa Men’s High Heels Top Picks

Brown Derby Men’s High Heels

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This men’s high heels add 7cm or 2.76 inches in height. Its color and style are very classic which you can definitely wear not only on casual days but also for any occasions you feel like dressing up. You can pair it with your smart casual looks or even to formal attire.

Black Suede Men’s High Heels

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For some reason, I just have this thing for any suede stuff. I absolutely love it regardless of the hot weather in our country. As for the extra height it provides, it’s similar to Brown Derby’s. In this photo, the model wore this pair with short length pants which is just perfect. You may wear it on ordinary days and on special occasions too!

Brown Litchi Grain Calfskin Leather Men’s High Heel Shoes

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At first, I wasn’t so sure if I really like this pair or if I just wanted something that is unique. But once I saw a video with a model wearing this pair, that’s when I realized how great this pair is. Its unique texture and its shade of brown are very ideal. It has the same increased height as the two lovely pairs of men’s high heel shoes above.

Bespoke Style Handmade Men’s High Heel Shoes

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This gorgeous pair is made out of top calfskin leather which I find so ideal for businessmen! This men’s high heels would totally give you that extra confidence you need when dealing with your clients and business partners. It may also be worn for special formal occasions which will definitely make you stand out!

What do you guys think of my top picks? Would I pass as one of the stylish men bloggers?

Also, please know that apart from these styles they also offer men’s high heel boots, sneakers, sandals and a lot more. They also have high heel sneakers for women too!

To those who are interested in any of these Chamaripa Men’s High Heels, visit them on the website:



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