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Beauty Blog: Mark. Makeup by Avon Philippines Review | AIRISH ABELLA
Avon Philippines
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Beauty Blog: Mark. Makeup by Avon Philippines Review

Undeniably, Avon Philippines has always been a part of almost every Filipinos lives.

Back when I was in grade school, I remember when my sister brought home an Avon brochure which her classmate lent to her. We’ve always wanted to purchase those cute accessories which are being sold by them. Along with that, I remember choosing some colognes which I want to give away to my classmates for Christmas. Beyond any doubt, Avon Philippines was one of the brands we trust from then until now.

Just this month, Avon Philippines has launched their newest and I must say their boldest makeup line, Mark.

Avon Philippines

I’m so used to their other makeup lines, Avon True Color and Simply Pretty which predominantly creates simple and everyday looks. On the other hand, Mark Makeup was more on the fearless night makeup looks side. Inside the PR Box contains six Mark Makeup products such as the Nude Matte Pressed Powder, Perfect Brow Sculpting Pencil, Eye Impressionist 8-in-1 Wet & Dry Eyeshadow Palette, Big & Style Mascara, Dual Glow Cheek Color & Highlighter, and the Epic Lipstick.

I’ve decided to create a makeup look by using these products alone and with the intention of making it suitable for Filipinas, or at least for the weather in the Philippines. Making an epic mark doesn’t necessarily mean dark eye makeup or red lips. You have the freedom to make your mark even with just a simple look. Here’s how:

1. Nude Matte Pressed Powder
Shade: Light Medium | SPF 30
Skin type: Combination of oily and dry skin.

Avon Philippines

It comes with a sponge which I prefer than the puff sponge most compact powder has. I didn’t apply anything on my face, not even a moisturizer or sunscreen before applying the Nude Matte Pressed Powder using the dry sponge provided. I don’t like using a wet sponge which some people do. For a pressed powder, I’m pretty impressed with its coverage. It may not be as flawless as compared to using a liquid foundation but since I don’t usually use one, this product is good enough for me. I particularly love its matte finish! ♥

Avon Philippines
My pores on my cheeks are still visible, but like I said before, I’d rather have it this way than to surprise people when they see me without makeup.

When I used it in Japan a week ago where it’s currently summer, I can’t seem to remember a day when my face needed a powder retouch. I just used an oil-control film for my face, and that’s it.

2. Perfect Brow Sculpting Pencil
Shade: Deep Brown

Avon Philippines

For my everyday look, I use a very light shade of brown eyebrow pencil and finish it with a darker shade of brown eyebrow powder which is also from Avon. As for the Perfect Brow Sculpting Pencil in Deep Brown, it’s very pigmented which made me felt so overwhelmed when I created this look. As you can see on my swatch, it’s very dark which is close to black already. However, with this look, I love how dark my brows were which complimented well with my light eye makeup and pink lipstick. It also gave me the “kilay goals” which we are all trying to achieve. And since I have partly thick and dark eyebrows, it made it seem more natural with this look.

Avon Philippines

I would also love to try the Soft Brown and Blonde eyebrow shades in the future. I think its waxy texture is what makes it very pigmented and lets the product stay all day long. But what lacks this eyebrow product is a spoolie which they would hopefully incorporate within the future.

3. Eye Impressionist 8-in-1 Wet & Dry Eyeshadow Palette
Variant: Smoky Nights

Avon PhilippinesAvon Philippines

A year or even a few years back, I have learned that Avon’s makeup products are cruelty-free and don’t contain any lead. As a result, some of their products, particularly the eyeshadow palettes lacks pigmentation. Nonetheless, their eyeshadows are very workable and easy to blend. For this look, I used the dark and light orange shades which I love to use to create a fresh summer look.

Avon Philippines

This palette comes with a small mirror and an eyeshadow sponge applicator which most eyeshadow palette contains. In general, to be honest, I don’t like how these applicators blend the product. In this photo below, I used the sponge applicator for my eyeshadow. I even tried my best to apply it well, but I only end up hurting my lids a bit by continually blending the product.

Avon Philippines

On the other hand, I used an eyeshadow brush for my eye makeup below.

Avon Philippines

Avon Philippines
With Eyeliner.

The difference was very evident. However, I still love this palette especially these two orangey shades! ♥

AVon PhilippinesAvon Philippines

If you’re aiming for a different eye makeup, just choose from the darker shades from this palette and blend it well in your crease area. It depends on your preference on how you want to create your look and make your epic mark.

Avon Philippines

Mark MakeupMark MakeupMark MakeupMark Makeup

AVon Philippines

4. Big & Style Mascara
Shade: Black

When it comes to choosing my mascara, I always go for the waterproof ones. It doesn’t smudge, especially in my lower lashline. I’m so grateful to have long and curly lashes which save me time from curling it. Despite being water resistant, this mascara is very easy to remove. It can be removed with water alone, but it’s always best to use a makeup remover. I use this mascara for my everyday looks!

5. Dual Glow Cheek Color & Highlighter
Variant: Beach Babe

This contour and blush in one compact is absolutely genius. The cheek color gives me that bronzey summer glow. I don’t think I’d be able to use a cheek color as dark as this shade for my everyday look. Nevertheless, it will always be my first option for a bronzed makeup look!

As for the highlighter, it isn’t as blinding as I expected. No matter how much I generously sweep off my brush to the product, it just doesn’t work. Well, at least I didn’t end up looking oily after a few tries? Hihi.

6. Epic Lipstick
Shade: Blushing Beauty

It’s refreshing to wear a shade of lipstick similar to what you used to wear. Back in college, it’s either I’m wearing a pink lipstick or a red lipstick. The Blushing Beauty shade highly reminds me of the Tea Rose lippie shade which I always wear in my freshmen years in college. Before, I was a fan of matte lipsticks, but now I always go for the creamy ones such as the Epic Lipstick. It keeps my lips moisturized and not dry. It also has a built-in primer which makes it long lasting. I wish to try more of their shades!

As for my overall experience, I’m very much impressed as to how Avon strives to improve their products for years.

I highly commend Mark Makeup‘s packaging for its sleek yet bold look. I definitely see myself using them every day except for the Dual Glow Cheek Color & Highlighter which again is a bit dark for me to use with my everyday looks. If I were to rate them from 1 to 10, and 10 being the highest, I’ll give them an 8. I’m pretty sure they’ll continue working on with the improvements of not only with Mark products but with the rest of the Avon brands.

To those who are interested, visit them on their website or on their social media accounts:


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