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#WhatAiWore: Playing with neutrals and mustard

When it comes to packing for a trip, I usually start to plan my outfits right away. It may take quite some time, but hey, at least I won’t get stressed during my trip! When I plan my outfits, I try it on, just like what any other girl does. It lets me know if my top or jeans still fit me or not, and if it would look good together as I have imagined it.

On our third day in Japan, we went around a few cities in Tokyo. I’m wearing a mock turtleneck sleeveless ribbed top over a white pullover top. It has a print on it which I don’t think would look that nice with a brown suede skirt. But who cares? I’m wearing a white down coat over it, so nobody would even notice. Besides, living in Colorado for a year, which is most likely winter all year round, I feel like people didn’t care much about what you’re wearing during this season. Everyone’s freezing and wouldn’t even bother staring nor judging you for your outfit. The most important thing is to layer up as many clothes as you can, and you’re good to go. But what I noticed among the Japanese is that in general, their outfits are very chic and basic. Or I guess the more appropriate term is minimalist, except for those who cosplay and the likes of course.

And as for my black tights, its inner part is microfleece. It’s the best thing to wear even with a pair of jeans! It makes me very warm. And then, I also got this pair of long mustard socks which I opted to make it appear as a pair of leg warmers. I bet a pair of black boots would look better on this outfit. I also love the pop of my pair of violet gloves which I think looks good with mustard and brown, don’t you think? I’m also wearing a pair of gold hoop earrings which I borrowed from my sister. I didn’t bother wearing other accessories because, duh? Nobody would be able to see it. 😉
And oh, the pink thingy that’s been popping out with my bag is where I put my camera when I’m not shooting. Since we commute, I wouldn’t want my camera to earn some scratches. I know it doesn’t look cute especially with my outfit and I need to get a camera case. But as for the meantime, it will do.

By the way, we changed our location from Ueno to Harajuku.

Outfit details:

Inner mock turtleneck top (UNIQLO) | Suede skirt (YOINS) | Sling bag (ROSEGAL) | Socks (FOREVER 21) | Boots (TIMBERLAND)
What do you think of this look?

I’d love to know your thoughts!


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