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The sun is getting brighter as the days are getting hotter. I can already feel the summer heat in the Philippines and fun women floral dresses are finally out again! I’m so excited for it!! Zaful is my go-to online shopping destination for my ootds. Where’s yours?

Below are the top 3 floral dresses on my wishlist:
I actually have a lot more in mind but I just contained myself
and stick with these three which I can really wear.

SALE at $18.99
I love its color which I find so subtle. Its fabric and style seem so comfortable and easy to wear. I’d definitely go for such dress this summer! I see myself wearing it with a cute summer hat! Short sleeves dresses are the comfiest and most laid-back outfits ever!
SALE at $18.36
Rose and peach are absolutely some of the most on-trend colors nowadays! Big floral print seems so popular especially here in our country. It’s what I’ve been seeing most of the time in the malls and on Instagram. What I love most about off shoulder dresses is that I could intentionally cover up my arms and show off a little skin at the same time.
SALE at $24.99
Black dresses always bring out the sophistication in you whether it’s printed or not. I adore its light-colored floral prints which matched well with its style.

You may visit their website at:

Which among these three is your favorite?
I’d love to know!


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