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Beauty Arsenals' Chroma Celloshine Color Hair Treatment | AIRISH ABELLA

Beauty Arsenals’ Chroma Celloshine Color Hair Treatment

Going to the salon is the most relaxing and rewarding thing every woman could experience once a month or at least every two months. But we all know how hair treatments or even a simple manicure would cost especially in the well-known salons. If you have the time and you can afford it, lucky you. But if you’re on a budget like me, then why don’t you do it yourself? 😉

Two months ago, I got to try the Chroma Celloshine Color Hair Treatment which I got from Beauty Arsenals which is owned by my sister who has been an online seller for more or less eight years now, I think? Aside from local beauty products, she also sells beauty products directly from Thailand. Of course, before selling it online, we get to try it on ourselves first. Cause we’re guinea pigs like that! Lol, jk.



Purple, Blue, Ruby Red, Green, Choco Brown, Burgundy, Magenta
1 pair of disposable gloves


* This is a hair treatment so it won’t damage your hair.
* Effective for blonde/light-colored/bleached hair.
* Not for black or virgin hair.
* Its color and effect will depend on your existing hair color and texture.


* Temporary hair color which can last for 2-3 weeks.
* You can use it weekly and even of different colors without damaging your hair.
* It makes your hair soft and shiny.


* Make sure to use a shirt or a towel which you don’t mind getting used for hair coloring.
* Use the pair of disposable gloves provided.
* OPTIONAL: Use an old hair dye brush.
* Use two tubs of Chroma for those with long and thick hair. You don’t have to consume everything on your second tub.
* Make sure to ask someone for assistance. You’ll have a hard time dyeing your hair on your own.


1. Shampoo your hair, then rinse.
2. Detangle your hair to make it easier and smoother to apply.
3. Leave it until 80% dry or at least not soaking wet.
4. Using the provided pair of gloves together with your hair dye brush if you have any, apply evenly from roots to tips.
5. Leave it for 5 minutes (as per instruction) or up to 1 hour for intense color. But again, the outcome will depend on your existing hair color.
6. Rinse.


To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to try it at first since I couldn’t imagine myself with a blue or purple colored hair. However, a part of me wants to try dyeing my hair with an unusual color for once in my life. Besides, it will only last for a few weeks anyway! At that time, my existing hair color was a combination of brown and red.


After applying the purple and blue-violet Chroma, I noticed how my hair’s beginning to get darker. Then, as I was rinsing my hair in the shower the water on the floor was of course blue. You have to keep on rinsing it off until the water gets clear. Also, be mindful of the shower area including the shower curtains since I get them stained, but you can rinse it off with water too. I think it’s also best to keep the disposable gloves and use it to rinse your hair in the shower. My nails turned blue which was so funny, though. And then, as for my towel, I used the shirt I used to towel dry my hair just in case I wasn’t able to rinse it off thoroughly.


I tried it myself, and without any bias, I was impressed with this product. At first, I thought it dried up my hair. But since I used two tubs of the product, all the more I should take time washing it off. That’s what I did for the next few days, and true to its claims, my hair got softer and shinier. I also love how it turned grayish black and brown with a hint of purple and blue if I may describe it. I love its imperfectly beautiful combination! If your existing hair color’s quite similar to mine, and you want your hair darker or let’s say black, but not the jet black kind of black, I suggest you go for the blue-violet Chroma! ♥

And yes, its color always depends on the lighting too!


Here are some streaks of blue and purple on my hair 😉

The only downside I noticed with this product is that it could be a hassle for some people most especially those who are always on the go. But if you’re okay with how the process goes, then this product is for you! Aside from the fact that it gives you the instant color and treatment you need for your hair, it’s so affordable too!! 🙂

Ang ganda niya! I’m so happy sa kinalabasan niya sa hair ko. ♥♥♥
Not to mention the fact na proudly Philippine made siya! Let’s support local!


To those who are interested to try their products, you may visit them in their social media accounts:
INSTAGRAM: @beautyarsenals
SHOPEE PH: @beautyarsenals

What do you think of my hair color?
Would you like to try this product too?

I’d love to know!


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