Japan: Ueno, Harajuku and Shibuya

It was almost lunchtime when we left my relatives’ apartment where we stayed. We were a group of 9, and most of us were girls, would you still bother to ask why were late? 😉

December 23, 2018

Since my two sisters are what we call the ‘Waze’ in our family, they searched for a must-try restaurant in Ueno where we could have lunch. Under the JR Line in Ueno, the streets are like a market filled with small restaurants, street food, and goods. We searched for Shoryu which serves large-sized gyoza. We still had our bowls of ramen and shared a few plates of gyoza. As expected, their ramen was great! For a person who’s not so much into gyoza, yes I eat them, but for a regular size, I’d only eat one or two. I was surprised not only with its unusual size but also how mild yet tasty their gyoza was for me. It was so good I highly recommend Shoryu restaurant. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a photo of the restaurant name. But it’s always better to search for it online and show it from your phone when asking people for directions. This way, you wouldn’t mispronounce some words and add to the confusion. In the streets of Japan where there’s no information counter just like in the malls, it’s better to ask students or the young adults since most of them could understand and speak English, no offense to the older Japanese people. Same way with our experience in South Korea since most of the younger generation studies the English language already.


In Japan, the small restaurants which seat less than 10-20 people are usually the must-try ones. People would line up outside which sometimes makes you feel pressured and eat as fast as possible. But without a doubt, it’s worth it!


After having lunch, we started to scout the place and look for my aunt’s new boots. In case you’re wondering why she had to get a new one, check out my Christmas at Tokyo Disneyland blog post. If you’re looking for footwear brands such as Adidas, Nike and a lot more, ABCMart is the place to be. You can find it almost anywhere in Japan.

Then from Ueno, we took the Yamanote Line going to Harajuku. It’s a place which is most popular among teenagers and cosplayers. They also have tons of clothing stores and cafes which even adults would surely enjoy. Then, we stopped by and experienced their purikura for the second time. It’s a photobooth which you can have your photos designed and printed right away. It’s quite popular among teenagers in Japan.

After that, as I was craving for some ice cream on a cold winter night, we found the Calbee Plus and ordered some potato chips drizzled with chocolate paired with cones of Hokkaido soft-served ice cream! It was the best! ♥ Whenever we’re in Japan, I’d usually get a few boxes of the Royce Potato Chip Chocolate and bring it home in the Philippines. It’s something I have first tried in the US which at first, the thought of it was kind of weird for me and eventually couldn’t get myself stop from eating it. Anyway, if you ever find a shop or cafe which serves Hokkaido soft served ice cream, please don’t hesitate to try it. It’s very creamy and milky! Lol. That’s what Hokkaido is well-known for, for their dairy products, so might as well give it a try. 😉


 After quite a dessert, we felt a little hungry. So we preferred to look for a food court instead. As I was searching for the name of the food court now, I found at that Dream Station JOL the one we stayed at is an entertainment food court. They have a stage where they host events which I didn’t notice. This way, people can watch and dine at the same time. They also have a “beauty space” which is exclusive to its members only. It has a fitting room and some vanity tables and mirrors where girls can do their hair and makeup. I guess that’s really how dedicated Japanese women are when it comes to beauty. Even in an early morning train ride, you would see how prepped they are from head to toe. No wonder they have tons of beauty products and hair accessories available in the market.


They have the cutest pink restroom too. 🙂



After a few strolls and mini photo shoot in a graffiti wall which you may see at my previous outfit post, Playing with Neutrals and Mustard, we stopped by at The Gindaco which is just outside the Harajuku station. People would line up for their delicious takoyaki. While two from our group are in line to order, we stay in the sitting area which turns out to be a smoking area. We were so tired to bother and put our mouth mask instead.


Despite having a long tiring day, we decided to visit Shibuya since we were not sure if we’d be able to go there on a different day. We’ve been here last Spring 2016, but this time we wanted to see whatever illumination they have at that time. As a Sanrio fan, I was in awe when I saw the trees decorated with Hello Kitty ribbons. It was the cutest thing!  ♥



Check out more details here:
There was also another illumination called the Shibuya Blue Cave which we didn’t have much time to see. Here’s a link which you can check out yourself:

By the way, here’s a Yamanote Line Map:


So, what’s your most favorite place in Japan?

I’d love to know!


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