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My dilemma as a blogger | AIRISH ABELLA
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My dilemma as a blogger

I feel like there are so many things going on in my life right now which I’m grateful and frustrated at the same time. First, I feel like for so long, I’ve been enslaved by different collaborations I’ve had for the past two years. I’m grateful for all of the brands and people I’ve worked with, but true enough, as time go by, I know it isn’t what drives me to blog.

Recently, I just discovered a new travel app, and no I won’t going to mention it for others might mistaken this for a sponsored post. From there along with lots of different Instagram accounts I came across to for the past few days, I kind of missed me ’blogging.’ I somehow forgot the reason why I was blogging in the first place. As clichè as it may sound, I started blogging because I want to share a bit of my faith and life, my style, some beauty tips, the food I’ve tried, and my travel adventures.
I started blogging even before it became a thing. I’ve never considered myself as a writer because I feel like I’m not that good with words, but for the sake of sharing things, I then started to blog.
It all began when I was in high school, there’s this section in your Multiply account, I’m not sure what it’s called but it’s where you can ”blog.” It’s not like posting a Facebook status or something, but it was really meant for sharing stories and whatnot, I believe. I’m also wasn’t sure if I had those ’blog posts’ in public or I kept it private, but one thing’s for sure, I write my thoughts and experiences almost every single day. As a person who has owned a diary before, I consider blogging as my online diary or an outlet to voice out. And then, my sister, Style Reader, introduced me to Tumblr. I enjoyed reposting different posts about life, love, fashion and everything in between. Then, I started writing about my outfits, my life at school and such experiences. After a few years, that’s when I moved here on Blogspot, the year 2011, I think? With the help of my sister, I transferred my old posts from Tumblr to here. Eventually, hopefully, I get to have my own domain soon.
I know I wasn’t consistent in blogging from the beginning, but I always find myself having that strong feeling of keep coming back. In May 2014, that’s when I moved to Aspen and lived there for a year for my internship. I didn’t have a laptop back then well even up to now I still don’t have my own, so yes I didn’t get to blog for a year. While I was still there, I tried to blog using my iPad but the features were very limited. There are some features which you can’t access in a tab and such things that you won’t really get to blog.
In 2015, a few months after I got back from the States, I started blogging again. It gives me that unexplainable sense of fulfillment every time I write and share my thoughts. I started collaborating with a few brands a year after, and oh, the joy of receiving a package is priceless! It doesn’t matter how small or expensive it is. Just the fact that you get to have and try it for free is already a big blessing. I still blog up to this day but I lie low a little bit.
2017 was the year I consider as my prime in blogging. I have received lots of PR packages throughout the year from big international brands to a local startup brand. It was overwhelming to receive tons of packages almost every week and I feel so blessed. But I guess it came to me now that my passion for writing or merely sharing my thoughts and experiences wasn’t there anymore as it used to. There even came to a point last year when I’ve been planning my Instagram posts for each day and all of them were collaboration posts. Same goes for my blog, and I didn’t get to share more of my personal life anymore other than my opinions on the products I get to try.
What I’m just trying to point out is that this year, I aim to provide a more personal and meaningful content. Again, I truly appreciate all the brands and people I’ve worked in the past, and I’m still open to collaborations. I’ll just have to balance everything now. 🙂
And oh, I have to work on my backlogs both personal and collaboration posts. x
Have you experienced this dilemma too?
I’d love to know your thoughts!


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