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#WhatAiWore: Disneyland winter outfit ideas

Nothing fancy but a Minnie Mouse hoodie. Almost two years ago, this is what I wore at Tokyo Disney Sea, good thing it was raining back then so I wasn’t really able to post what I wore that time on my blog! Haha, di na ko nakapag OOTD ng maayos nun. Anyway, when going to Disneyland or any theme park, one thing I always prioritize is comfort! Like what I always say, when it comes to traveling, you shouldn’t always give up comfort over style especially when you can work on both! ♥

It depends on what pieces you’re most comfortable wearing, but for me, whatever season I’m in, I’d always go for a pair of leggings and jeans! Some are most comfortable in a pair of shorts or a skirt, well it’s up to you. During winter time, you always have to think ahead and layer up. You might be feeling warm inside the hotel or any establishments you’re in including the train stations since they mostly have their heater on, but once you get out, you’ll be sorry you didn’t layer up.
Awkward face kasi may paparating ng mga tao sa likod ko! Haha!
For my outfit, I’m wearing my Minnie Mouse hoodie which I got from California Adventure Park almost three years ago. As far as I can remember, sobrang nilalamig na kami nun ng friend ko nung gabi na kasi naka tank top and shorts lang kami since spring time na naman that time, keri na. Pero ayun, nagkaron na rin ng excuse para bumili kahit ginto siya beshy! Anyway, this hoodie is really warm since its inner fabric was made of microfleece, if I got it right. So first layer pa lang warm na ko, but of course, you have to be ready when it gets extra cold or once it rains. You know how the weather can be so unpredictable! I intentionally wore this white puff jacket as an outer layer since it’s water-proof. I kind of stick with Christmas colors such as white and red for my top since denim and gray na yung bottom and footwear ko. Also, I’m wearing a pair of leggings/tights which has an inner microfleece fabric similar to my hoodie. That was my inner bottom layer, para warm talaga! Most especially if ginawin ka, you better get one! Well actually, kahit hindi ka ginawin, lalamigin ka talaga! Haha.

You may find my photos so confusing since in some photos my hair was laid down with a beanie, while in some photos my hair was put into a bun. Well, it’s because I’m wearing an infinity scarf, and you know how thick and warm it was, and I kind of got so uncomfy. And then, I start getting so uneasy with my hair laid down too. Actually, kahit din dito sa Pinas, most of the time naka bun talaga ko, basta! Haha. And of course, do yourself a favor… Don’t forget to wear or at least bring a pair of gloves! I prefer the ones which you can use for touchscreen gadgets, or at least like the ones I’m wearing which look like a pair of mittens to cover up your fingers, at the same time you can flip it up to use your phone or whatever with your fingers! Lels.
Aside from keeping yourself warm, it’s also best to wear a pair of footwear that’s really comfortable. Yung iba sa family ko sumasakit paa nila sa boots nila, good thing yung akin may konting allowance. Very Pinoy yang mga shoes or damit na may allowance eh, especially nung bata pa kasi lalaki pa daw! Hahahaha! Let me know if you can relate! Anyway, hindi lang naman sa Disneyland, kahit san ka mag travel it’s always best to wear the most comfortable ones. Or else, hello blisters!
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How to look as kawaii as these Japanese ladies during winter time? As much as I want to look as cute as them, I just don’t know how! Hahahaha! Almost everyone’s just so fashionable! Love it! ♥
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