Fancy yet affordable Christmas gift: Inari by Laurine Watches

It’s just a few weeks away until Christmas, and I’m pretty sure that some of you haven’t shopped for the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones yet. For me, I want something that is relevant and useful to those who will receive it. A timepiece is no doubt the ideal gift for anyone regardless of its preferences in life.

Laurine Watches offer a variety of timepieces crafted for every occasion. Each style is unique and classy which anyone will surely love! Their prices range from $25 to $34 only. In spite of its affordable price, its quality never disappoints. You may choose from a variety of classic timepieces from casual to a formal evening accessory. Since it’s the season of giving and in case you feel a little generous, you may get their The Pandora Box Collection which comes with five interchangeable straps, as well as five interchangeable watch faces too. You may choose and style it depending on the occasion and on your outfit. It costs $54.99 only and is affordable still!
In my preference, I chose the Inari which is one of their luxury watches. It’s very sleek and petite which for me is ideal to wear any time of the day. As per their website, the uncluttered band channels the energy and potency of the Japanese goddess, Inari, with a distinctive gold life-line. It’s a bit big for my small wrist which is why I think its great for a woman of any sizes. If it’s too big for your wrist just like mine, you can always have it repaired to fit you well. 
Who wouldn’t fall for its elegance? I’m pretty sure any woman in your life would love it! If you prefer a more casual and not so feminine style, you may check their other watches and find the right one which suits you or your loved one. Since I’m petite, I see to it that I don’t wear thick strap watches because it makes me look even shorter. Well, that’s just me.
You may visit them on their website as well as on their social media accounts:

Instagram: @laurinewatches
Facebook: /LaurineWatches


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