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Back in college, there were some professors that would require us to wear a simple makeup at school. Proper grooming and being able to present yourself well in front of other people are one of the most important things a hospitality student must be able to learn. On my first few weeks in college, I was actually a bit cultured shock with how things go, and how my female classmates would normally groom themselves. And I guess, that’s just normal for teenage girls? But unfortunately, not me.

For instance, in high school, I’m so used to not wearing even a loose baby powder to school. It doesn’t matter whether I look oily or not, and even if my hair still seems decent or not. In fact, I could last a day without checking on how I look like and can still afford to jump into my classmates who are taking some group photos. Haha! Well, to be honest, I kind of miss those days that I didn’t actually care how I look. So in college, little by little I eventually get the hang of it. (Haha! Nakaka-pressure din pag naka ayos yung mga friends mo tapos ikaw mukhang bruha.) And then, when there are some events at school, as well as some debut parties I needed to attend, it was actually Youtube makeup video tutorials that helped me the most. It was the Michelle Phan era back then, and I remembered recreating her makeup looks.

Last September, I had the privilege to attend the Sample Room Beauty Vlogging Workshop where tons of other beauty bloggers and vloggers were also invited. Of course, the first impression lasts, so I decided to just play with the neutrals as you can never go wrong with it. So here’s a quick tutorial on how I created this look using the Beauty Big Bang palette and brushes.

1. First, I prep my face with a moisturizer, a daytime cream, and a sunblock. I would normally use just these three as I don’t want my face to feel so heavy after layering tons of products on it.

2. I used an organic CC cushion which I will be featuring in one of my succeeding posts. And then, I used a concealer stick to cover up a little bit of my dark under eyes. After that, I used a two-way foundation which I’m used to wearing as a pressed powder. It doesn’t have much coverage which is likely for an everyday pressed powder.

3. As for my eyebrows, I like using a pencil and an eyebrow powder cake to fill them in as natural as possible.

4. I lay all these classy pink and gold makeup brushes on a clean lace cloth so I can perfectly see which brushes to use. These have very soft bristles and gentle on the skin, that’s why I love them. Plus, they’re too cute! Don’t you think?

5. For my eye makeup, I used this 40 Color Matte Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette. I start off by using a light bronze shade as my base.

And then, I used this rusty orange shade on my crease and slowly blended it with this mauve brown on my entire lid.

After that, I used an espresso shade which is more on the dark brown side and applied it from my outer v halfway through my lids, and halfway through my lower lash line.

Next, I blended these two gorgeous copper-gold shades from the inner corner halfway through the lids of my eyes. I also used it on my inner lower lashline. These shades make my eye makeup pop a little more.

Lastly, I used again this light bronze shade for my inner v corner.

Disclaimer: I watched a few makeup tutorials and I somehow incorporated everything into one look, and mostly inspired by Britny Ellen.

6. I just worked on my usual winged liner and applied a waterproof mascara on my eyelashes.

7. I used a mauve blush for my cheeks. And as you may notice, a little highlighter won’t hurt too.

8. I first used an opaque dark peachy pink lip tint on my lips, then topped it off with a mauve plum shade of lippie.

And that’s it! ♥

ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: I’m no pro, I thought I could just share this makeup look to those who are struggling with makeup especially when you have to attend some events or any special occasions. This is just a simple yet elegant makeup look I came up with after watching some makeup tutorials on Youtube as I have mentioned above.

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