Tank top outfit ideas + Where to get a personalized metal necklace?

As much as most of us, girls, have tons of black leggings in our closet, we also couldn’t deny the fact of having plenty plain shirts and tank tops too! Or maybe, you might have only a few, but I’m pretty sure that you own at least one, don’t you?

Usually, I would pair my tank top with a coverup. I just don’t seem much comfortable and confident wearing it alone as some girls do. Here are some of the ways I like to wear my tank tops:

These are my life-saver! It has always been one of my go-to styles even when I was still in high school. Aside from using it as a coverup, I also love how it enhances my outfit.
As much as I love my short and long length cardigans, I also like wearing my tank tops with kimonos. It’s perfect to wear especially during the hot summer days when you feel like wearing something a little loose yet comfy at the same time.

Vests are one of the trends which have finally made its way back! Back in high school, I used to wear it almost every single time.
Need I say more?
These two are definitely one of the most popular trends which we millennials love most! 
Yay or Nay?
What’s not to love about it? Denim jackets are just so comfortable and very easy to style. Besides that, it never goes out of style. For this particular tank top which I got from Mrs. Times, its mixture of colors and prints compliment well with denim. This tank top is not body-hugging and not too loose at the same time. I love the quality of its fabric which makes me want to use it all the time. If only they have a different color or print for this! And to be honest, I have also worn this exact combination with black leggings, and it’s pretty good either way.

For my accessories, I settled with just a simple pressed metal necklace which says, ‘tabi tabi po’ which is a Filipino superstition and is a way of saying ‘excuse me’ when passing some territories where creatures might live. I know it’s kind of weird to have it on my necklace, nonetheless, I still find it cute. You may have your necklace personalized with the brand, Pressed Not Crushed. It’s also affiliated with Mrs. Times, so I believe you may purchase any of these from them at the same time! 
You may visit them on their Instagram accounts:

Mrs. Times: @mrstimes
Pressed Not Crushed: @pressednotcrushed

Which one is your favorite tank top outfit idea?

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