Product Review: Sia Lilia PH’s Organic Oils + Lash & Brow Serum + Korean face masks

Product Review: Sia Lilia PH's Castor Oil and Lash & Brow Serum + Korean sheet masks

Humbly speaking, ever since I can remember, I always get complimented by a lot of people with my long and curly eyelashes. It was in my grade school days when fake lashes and eyelash extension wasn’t a thing yet, or maybe I wasn’t just familiar with it. But I can still remember going through my mom’s makeup kit and noticing her eyelash curler which I have never thought of trying on myself. I was too afraid to try it.

And again, during those times, I guess eyebrows wasn’t much of a big deal yet as compared to how it is now. In high school, the only “kikay” (girly) thing I have in my bag was a loose baby powder which I even rarely have. Similar to what I have mentioned in my other beauty posts, it was in college when I got myself exposed to the skincare and makeup. It was only then that I got to appreciate my lashes as well as my brows. To be honest, even up to this day, I still haven’t tried brow threading. It was only in 2014 when my eyebrows got shaved for the first time. The one who did my makeup for my graduation pictorial did it, and he even curled my lashes with a lash curler making me feel my lashes literally on my lids. I hated how he did my hair and makeup, and I ended up with red eyes. And yes, I’ll just have to end my rant here. Sorry about that! So even up to now, I still don’t curl my lashes just like what my mom told me years back. I started shaving my brows once in a while only early this year. I have always wanted to achieve the famous Korean straight brows which I sometimes tend to overdo.
A few months back, I started using this Lash & Brow lengthening serum from Sia Lilia PH, an online shop in the Philippines which also provides other beauty products such as a Castor Oil and different sheet masks from Korea.

An organic serum which lengthens thickens and strengthens the lashes and brows.
Castor Oil thickens your lashes.
Vit-E Oil accelerates length.
Sweet Almond Oil is known as a rich source of Vitamin E.

Thicker, stronger and longer more beautiful lashes.
Nourishes the hair and smoothens the cuticles.
Prevents hair fall out.

MY EXPERIENCE: I only use this at night right after I apply my skincare products on my face. It’s like applying a mascara which is very easy and convenient to use. And since I sometimes tend to overdo my brows, I feel like it wasn’t thick as the way it was anymore. But by religiously applying a Lash & Brow Lengthening Serum, I feel more happy and contented with my lashes and brows. I feel more confident leaving the house even without any brow products on. Most of all, I feel assured that what I apply to my eyelashes and eyebrows do not irritate my eyes and is very safe to use as its ingredients are all organic.


Castor Oil is famous for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
BENEFITS OF CASTOR OIL as per the website
Helps heal sunburn and dry skin
It slows down aging
Reduces acne and helps fade blemishes and any skin pigmentation
Prevents stretch marks
Conditions hair and promotes hair growth
Treats scalp infections and prevents premature graying

MY EXPERIENCE: As much as we take care of our skin, we sometimes couldn’t prevent having fine lines and wrinkles especially on our forehead, under eyes and in our cheeks. Having a combination of dry and oily skin, I am prone to having fine lines which is why I need to use skincare products which target those areas. But we all know that using oil on our skin can obviously feel so greasy especially during the hot days. However, for the colder nights, I see to it that I use Castor Oil in my under eyes, cheeks, and forehead. My skin may not be perfect, but having a good skincare routine along with some safe and effective skincare products surely makes a difference.

These are mainly one of the reasons why our luggage was overweight during our Korea trip! We hoarded lots of these in Myeongdong including the tons of freebies they give away even by simply entering their store.
I even purchased 10 of these on our Taiwan trip months ago! I always go for the hydrating and anti-aging skincare products.

Helps stimulate and boost the production of collagen
Revitalizes dull and tired skin
Keeps the skin hydrated making it look so healthy and glowing

I used to have a seaweed soap which I really love as it helps tone my skin making it smoother and firm.

It helps cleanse and moisturizes the skin
It slows down aging
Exfoliates the skin and helps treat acne

“Before you imagine horses being killed purely for this purposes of beauty, it’s important to note that this isn’t the case. Horse fat, in general, is a relatively small amount per animal which makes it too expensive to farm horses purely for horse oil.” —

It increases moisture and it strengthens the skin’s barrier which allows it to retain the skin’s moisture. (Which is why it’s perfect for the winter season!)
Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
Rejuvenates and softens the skin
It is also great for healing damaged skin
Helps improve the appearance and texture of the skin
It lightens any skin discoloration such as freckles
Helps produce collagen which firms and tones the skin
Treats sunburn and wounds
Reduces wrinkles, age spots and age lines
Provides radiance to the skin
Help get rid and prevent acne

I use a hand cream which contains COQ10 which I also use for my feet. And now I know why I get compliments of having a soft hand. My hands were also exposed to harsh chemicals a few years back which in a way has fully damaged the appearance of my hands. With the use of a hand repairing cream as well as the hand cream with COQ10 which I use even up to know, my hands were completely healed and smooth as ever. Now I’ve got to start looking for this ingredient in my next skincare product purchases!

It makes your skin look more youthful
It produces collagen
The COQ10 can also act as a strong antioxidant
It also rejuvenates the skin
Even before they sent me these sheet masks, like I said, I have already been hoarding some Korean sheet masks a few months back. I love the fact that it contains an ample amount of essence which you may apply to your neck and all over your body, and that’s what I do. Most Koreans even wear sheet masks every day since it’s part of their 10 step skincare routine. Hence, it can be a little pricey, but you know in the end that it’s worth it!
You may visit them on their Instagram accounts:

Instagram: @sialiliaph
Facebook: /zsialiliaph

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