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Filipino organic CC cushion and lippies from Liria Organics | AIRISH ABELLA
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Filipino organic CC cushion and lippies from Liria Organics

It delights me to know that a lot of local organic beauty brands are now emerging in the country. I have tried tons of local organic skincare products for the past few months, but this is the first organic makeup I get to try. Liria Organics is a young and fresh brand which offers all-natural makeup that suits your everyday mood. They offer CC cushion and a compact powder which caters to both the mestizas and morenas. They also have five different shades of their Hydra Matte Lip and Cheek Blush, as well as five different shades of their Velvet Matte Lipsticks. Below are some of their amazing products which I got to try.

Fairy’s Fave

NET WT. 20g

Let your skin bloom whether you’re flaunting that fair skin or mesmerizing in that morena tone. Shine in Fairy’s Fave for fair skin or embody the Simple Stunner for neutral to morena skinned ladies.

Sun Screen Active ingredients:
12% Titanium Dioxide, 7% Zinc Oxide, and Rice Powder
Extracts of:
Peach fruit, Apricot fruit, Cocoa bean, Pomegranate, Strawberry fruit, Raspberry fruit, Wild cherry fruit, Cabernet grape, Chamomile leaf, Organic white tea leaf, Grape and Eucalyptus leaf powder
Oils of:
Flaxseed, Rose flower, Avocado, Vitamin E, Sodium vitamin C, Vitamin F Forte

Fruit and vegetable pigmented
Oil control

MY EXPERIENCE: First of all, I must commend them for their super nice packaging. It’s fun and girly which really suits their brand well. I also love its pleasant and powdery smell which doesn’t feel awful as I apply it on my face. I love its whitening and flawless finish which is likely to a cc cushion.  Hence, it doesn’t conceal much of my under eyes. Whenever I use it, I make sure that I don’t put much as I tend to get oily knowing that it’s hot here in the Philippines. I have first tried it in Taiwan which has almost the same weather as herein the country, and so far I liked the fact that I looked so fresh despite being under the sun for so long.

However, lately, I’ve noticed that it seems a little cakey especially on my nose and under eye areas. I’m not sure if it’s because I apply it after using sunblock, or maybe because it now starts to get a little dry? Even so, I can’t wait to try it next month at a much cooler temperature.

It absolutely makes my skin appear so flawless despite the cakey parts and some white casts.

Drama-free and Can’t Help It

Keep your lips and cheeks feeling fresh and light all year round.
Organic shea butter, Organic pomegranate, Seed Oil, Seed Butter, Organic plum fruit, Cabernet grape, Organic raspberry fruit, Organic blueberry fruit, Organic blackberry fruit, Organic peach fruit, Organic apricot fruit, Organic tomato fruit/leaf/stem, Organic rose petals flowers, Organic lavender flower/leaf/stem, Cocoa powder, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin F Forte, Candelilla wax and a few more.

Hydra-matte finish
Prevents dryness and chapping.
Can be used as a lip tint or a lipstick depending on how you apply it.
Creamy, not diluted, watery texture

MY EXPERIENCE: I love wearing these Hydra Matte lip and cheek blush on days when I don’t feel like wearing much makeup. This is just perfect for the no-makeup-makeup-look since it brightens up my face without wearing much. To be honest, on my first try, I felt so overwhelmed with the shades most especially with the Drama-free color as it looks a bit loud and brighter than the shades I typically wear, most especially now that I’m into nude colors. But what I love about it is its minty feel as I apply it to my lips. It’s also very pigmented and very easy to glide on. It doesn’t feel dry on my lips and in fact, it’s very hydrating. You may use it as a lipstick by fully applying it on your lips just the way you do on your liquid lipstick, or you may also apply it as a lip tint by lightly dabbing it on your lips just to add a pop of color in a very natural way.

Can’t Help It

As for a cheek blush, there’s always a high possibility of overdoing it as it is very, very pigmented. As soon as you dab it on your cheek, you have to make sure to apply it as fast as you can as it easily gets dry, and I had a hard time blending it. I don’t feel much comfortable applying it as a cheek blush because it gets way too much than I want to. But I highly recommend you to try it as a lippie! Aside from the above-mentioned experiences of mine, you won’t feel worried about your skin because it’s made with all natural ingredients. My favorite shade is Can’t Help It!


I Say Yes

A creamy velvet matte lipstick which will keep your lips hydrated and moisturized.
Most of the ingredients are similar to their Hydra Matte Lip and Cheek blush.
Easy to glide on
Hydrating and moisturizing
Very pigmented

MY EXPERIENCE: I have started using this lipstick during our family trip to Taiwan and I love how it makes me look so fresh even on a hot summer day. It’s very natural-looking even if it’s a pink shade. It also feels moisturizing and definitely not dry on the lips.

But what I love most was its scent which smells like a bubblegum, and is very mild and sweet which is similar to their Hydra Matte Lip and Cheek Blush’s scent, I believe. The packaging also reminds me of the MAC lipsticks, except that this one’s come in a pink tube which is very cute and perfect for millennials. Hihi! It’s also very pigmented, and I’d love to try the other shades too! Everything just seems so wearable either on an ordinary day or a work day.

I hope you can show them some love by checking them out, and you may share them with your loved ones for this Christmas! I know they’ll love it too! 🙂

You may visit them on their website as well as in their social media accounts:

Instagram: @liriaorganicmakeup

What’s your favorite organic makeup brand?

Let me know in the comments!


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