Back to Basics ft. Zan Style

Undoubtedly, one of my most favorite pieces from my closet is a plain black shirt. Need I say more? Well, aside from the fact that it’s one of the comfiest things on Earth, you can never go wrong with it.  I guess it’s one of the basics which we can all find in someone else’s wardrobe. I love it paired with denim jeans, and for instance, a trouser.

You might find this plain pocket tee familiar as I have worn this in one of my previous posts and paired it with a brown suede skirt. (Click HERE) I got this from, a shopping platform for the minimalists. You may also check out my previous posts wearing the same brand.

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Admittedly, this look is almost similar to how I styled it with the brown suede skirt, only it was more feminine, then. I just couldn’t help but wear this tee over and over again! Its fabric is really soft and very comfortable which helps me get through the scorching heat here in Manila. I also love how this khaki colored cap complimented well with the colors of my outfit. And of course, this pair of mules go well with anything!
Single rhinestone choker from Rosegal
Plain black pocket tee from Zan.Style
Trouser from Gorgeous Glance
Mules from a shop in Japan (forgot the brand, but they have it in Taiwan too)

You may visit them on their website as well as on their social media accounts:

Instagram: @zanstyleofficial
Facebook: /zanstylefashion

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