You Glow Girl Series by Phill and Lucky

To tell the truth, doing the Korean skincare routine can sometimes be a pain in the ass too. There were nights when all you wanted to do was just to sleep right away because you’re simply tired to function after a long day. Phill and Lucky,  a local organic brand here in the Philippines came up with a simplified set which comes in three products only. This way, you get to save more money and time by just using this set called You Glow Girl. Not only you can use this for your face, but also for your body.



This daily beauty bar not only exfoliates the skin but also helps lighten old scars and acne marks.
It evens out the skin as well as keeps it youthful and hydrated.

Rosehip Oil
Aloe Vera
Shea Butter

Scar fader
Lightens stretch marks
Lightens acne dark spots
Helps even out skin tone
Soothes sunburn
Repairs skin cells damaged by UV rays


Lather soap to skin. Leave for 3-5 minutes, then rinse.

MY EXPERIENCE: The packaging was made from a Kraft paper, but the bar soap itself was wrapped in a clear plastic wrapper. Its scent is very light but pleasant, and for its retail price, I must say that it’s worth it considering the fact that it can be used on both your face and body. As for my face, I’ve tried using it for a few times but I ended up using it on my body alone. Since the skin on our face is thinner than on our body, I tend to experience redness on my face when trying out a new facial soap. But as for my body (which I can literally try any soap, haha! Yes, Hindi choosy ang body ko!), So far I didn’t have any problems using this soap. In fact, I love its squeaky clean feel after each bath. I would normally focus on the scars on my knee, as well as the stretch marks on my thighs. Its ingredients are also promising, and shea butter is definitely one of the ingredients I look for in a bar soap. Since I use several body soaps on a daily basis, I’ve tried using this alone for a few days especially when I’m in a hurry, and as expected, my skin didn’t feel dry at all.
I tried using it again on my face last night only to notice a few zits which appeared just this morning. It may not have worked for me, but it might work for you. Remember, we have different skin types and needs so might as well try at your own risk. Hence, I love using it as my body soap! 😉


This deep-pore cleansing mask unclogs your pores, and pull out the impurities and excess oil from your skin.
It also helps ease and prevent acne breakouts, as well as lightens acne marks.

Activated Charcoal
Kaolin Clay
Volcanic Ash

Unclog the pores
Helps ease out and prevent acne breakouts
Balances the PH levels of the skin
Absorbs excess sebum or facial oil



Scoop at least 1 table spoon of the Detox Mask.
Put it in a small container. (Or in my case, I used my palm. Hihi!)
Add some water and mix it well until you’re satisfied with its consistency.
Apply it on your face, wait until it dries up, and then rinse.
MY EXPERIENCE: Blackheads on my nose, whiteheads on my chin, and large pores on my cheeks. There has always been my problem with my skin ever since. Occasionally, a few zits would start appearing on my nose and chin especially when I’m about to have my period. With that said, I love trying out some charcoal masks and even some nose strips to get rid of these black tiny dots on my nose area. For my own preference, I like pouring this powdered mask on my palm with just a right amount to cover my entire face. Slow and tiny drops of water from the faucet will do because you wouldn’t want your mask to be all watery and wasted. I mix it with my finger until I achieve that light and creamy consistency. The thicker the consistency, the faster it dries up on your face. I like mine creamy but not too thick so I can have it a bit longer on my face. For the first two minutes, I can feel some itch on my face, but I usually ignore it as I feel like that’s when the product seems so effective. (Not sure if that’s a reliable basis, though.)  When it’s fully dry, that’s when you’ll notice some tightness on your face as well as some fallouts. After rinsing it off, I love how my skin felt softer and smoother. I couldn’t feel those tiny bumps on my nose anymore. Though, of course, I can still spot some visible blackheads left and my large pores. When in front of the camera, some of you have noticed how flawless my skin is even without foundation, but when you look closely, that’s when you’ll notice my blackheads and pores. Nonetheless, I wish to achieve that Korean youthful and poreless complexion one day. (Kaya ngayon pa lang todo effort na dapat sa pagpapaganda! Haha!)


This Detox Mask is made in powder form so you have the option to customize it depending on your skin type as well as having full control of the mask’s consistency. But truth be told, if I were to choose between a cream based or peel off masks, and a powder form mask, I wouldn’t go for the powder form mask simply because it’s quite more inconvenient to use. Yes, some would prefer customizing their own mask, but for some, it’s a bit hassle and time to consume to mix and make your own mask. There are some women, especially moms who are very busy juggling work with household chores, and taking care of their kids has very limited time. Hopefully, another option would be available for this Detox Mask. Nonetheless, I love how effective it is in getting rid of blackhead and making your pores less visible. 🙂


This serum contains 3 renowned beauty oils which are generally high in vitamins and minerals.
It also helps repair skin and keeps it healthy.


Sunflower Oil
Virgin Coconut Oil
Castor Oil

Lighten dark spots
Lighten stretch marks
Anti-aging & anti-acne
Softens skin
Helps ease minor skin irritations
(sunburn, itch, rashes, etc.)


1-2 drops on your finger/palm or in the areas where you want to use it.
MY EXPERIENCE: First and foremost, I love that it comes in this glass dropper bottle which is so convenient to use. Some of the beauty oils available online come in a plastic bottle alone which is why it tends to leak so easily. I usually use this on my face when I skip my moisturizer and use an emulsion instead. My moisturizer was suited for dry skin so it’s really thick and feels quite heavy on the face which is why I only use this when I skip that product. I use this Therapy Drops as the last product to use on my face, and then I proceed with applying my lip butter and lash and brow serum. One drop is already enough for my entire face to avoid the uneasy greasy feeling. I would drop the oil on my ring finger, and I would start spreading and patting it on my under eyes down to my cheeks and my mouth area. Lastly, I would pat the excess on my forehead and neck. I pat almost every single product I use on my face so that it would be fully absorbed by my skin. I always focus on the parts where I have fine lines such as in my under eyes, and a bit on my cheek area. I also use this on the scars on my knee as well as on my stretch marks on my thighs.
Excuse my hairy legs! Haha!

My overall experience with this You Glow Girl series was great.
All products were handcrafted and made with natural ingredients which is what makes it safe to use.
You just have to know in what areas to use it, and know when to stop if it feels itchy or uncomfy to use.
To conclude:
I love the Daily Beauty Bar as my body soap.
I love the Detox Mask with a creamy yet not too thick consistency. A cream/gel form option would be nice too!
I love using the Therapy Drops on the areas of my face where I’m prone to fine lines and wrinkle.
I also love using it on my scars and stretch marks.
DISCLAIMER: This is an honest review. These products were gifted to me by Phill and Lucky but everything stated on this post are just based on my opinions as well as on my personal experience. Please take note that we all have different skin types so the effect of these products may or may not differ from yours.
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What is your main skin problem and how do you treat them?
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