Their opinion doesn’t matter anymore // How I want to dress up for Halloween ft. ROSEGAL

Halloween 2014

Halloween in the Philippines isn’t as popular as to how they celebrate it abroad. For some, Halloween parties are just for kids and for those who want to dress up and have some fun. Generally, some would host private parties at home, and some bars do it too. If I’m about to dress up for the Halloween this year, here’s what I’d like to wear from Rosegal

I’ve always loved wearing black even on an ordinary day. When I was a kid, I would always dress up as a witch in black for Halloween parties I would attend to. I didn’t like those cute fairy costumes which seem so inappropriate, in my opinion. Because to me, Halloween costumes should most likely be scary, at least. That perception started back in many years ago when all of us kids who are in a ‘witch’ costume were asked to come up on stage. My family would insist me wearing this scary witch mask which I was so embarrassed to wear. But believe me, it could’ve made me won if I have worn that. Yet, just because I was this super shy kid back then, I hesitated to wear that mask since I was ashamed of what the other people would say, especially the other kids. Kids our age can be mean sometimes, right? My thinking back then was that it would make me look so horrible and funny in front of them. And so, the other girl with a cute and colorful witch costume won. Haha! Even up to now, I still felt so bitter about that, and I regretted not wearing that mask on stage. Ugh.

As I grow older, I get to realize that sometimes you don’t have to care about what other people would say. It’s not about their opinion that matters most. Well, I know that sometimes we just couldn’t help but feel that way, but we need to constantly remind ourselves that it’s only God’s opinion that matters most. In whatever we speak or do, we should always think of what He’s going to feel with that specific action. I, myself, struggle with that too. I’ve done things over and over again without thinking of what God would feel. Hence, I hope that we would always keep this in mind. My photos may seem irrelevant to the topic, but you know what they say, “do not judge the book by its cover.” (Haha! Ma-ipush lang eh.)

If I were to attend a Halloween party again, I’d love to dress up as a witch and be able to wear that mask in front of many people. Because that mask doesn’t represent me, and most of all, it doesn’t define me. Behind that mask, I’d like to show off my creativity by applying makeup. I’d also love to wear a black lipstick, or for instance, use an eyeshadow for it just like what I did back in Halloween 2014 where I dressed up as a black widow if I may call it. This Witch Hooded Suit is the costume I think that is suited for this. In line with that, this Flower Skull Resin Ornament is how I’d like my trick or treat basket to look like.

As for my shoes, I want it a bit sexy so I opt for a pair of pointed booties.

 Lastly, to finish off this look, this pair of silver rhinestone tassel rivets drop earrings 
are perfect for my modern witch look, sultry but spooky.


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