Comfort and style for a petite girl like me (ft. Gamiss)

Jogger jeans and slip-on from Gamiss

In an ordinary day, you would always see me in a pair of leggings or jeans even when I’m just a few blocks away from home. I was often asked (in Filipino), “bakit naka pants ka pa? Eh ang lapit mo lang sa inyo?” I grew up in a family who’s very protective, not that we’re conservative but it’s because commuting in the Philippines can sometimes cause you to get catcalled by mostly bystanders or anyone, to be honest. This is seemingly one of the factors I consider when dressing. Know more about it HERE.

When I was in high school, I would already be seen in a pair of jeans even when I’m out of the school’s vicinity. At school, wearing shorts and mini skirts aren’t allowed since I was from a Catholic school run by nuns. In a way, I get so used to that. I often get so embarrassed too with the scars on my knee which I got from often misbehaving and my endless runs when I was a kid. When I was in junior high, I tried wearing a pair of shorts every now and then. Yes, it may make me look good and feel good especially during summer when the heat was just too much. But to be honest, I wasn’t that much comfortable with it because I feel like I had to adjust even how I move with what I wear. With a pair of shorts, skirts, and dresses, I had to always watch how I sit. Yet with a pair of jeans or leggings? I can freely move and sit however I want.

Before, I would think that a pair of jeans and shirt was so boring to wear. There were times that I would force myself to wear a dress or a skirt just so I could look good especially on my outfit photos. It’s only now that as I get older that I get to realize that styling your outfits doesn’t mean giving up your comfort over style. It’s just about choosing the right items to play with. I believe that a person’s way of dressing up often show who and what you really are. Other people get to see a portion of yourself by how you present yourself in front of them. A good outfit won’t look stunning if you don’t know how to carry yourself well in front of other people. If you’re uncomfortable and not at ease with your outfit, it will show.

Here are the comfiest pieces I love to wear:

I love wearing high-waisted jeans as it creates the illusion of having longer legs. Not to mention how it makes my stomach appear flat. Haha! Short length tops are always nice to pair this with as well as some fitted tops as it enhances your curves. And of course, long tops would cover your waist, so why even bother wearing a high waist pair? Duh? For longer shirts or top, I like tucking it in.

A pair of skinny jeans has always been my favorite too. Not only it makes my legs look longer but also slimmer. For mid-waisted ones, I like wearing loose tops or any shirts that are below my belly button.

Ankle length jeans are easy to pair with too even if it can sometimes accentuate your height. Hihi!

Jogger pants, it doesn’t matter if it’s cotton or denim, I just love it. The comfort of wearing some loose pants are just my thing as long as it’s high-waisted. (Only petite girls would understand, haha!) Low waisted bottoms wouldn’t do us any good. It will just emphasize how short we are, got it?


For a pair of trousers, again, it just has to be high-waisted and a bit on the skinny side. (You already know the drill!) There are some days when I need to be dressy too, you know. Like for instance, you have to attend a meeting or an appointment, you wouldn’t appear on a pair of jeans, won’t you? A pair of trousers doesn’t have to be expensive, you can get one anywhere. Just be sure to pick a plain one or at least some basic colors to easily match it with anything.

And lastly, my most favorite go-to bottom piece is a pair of black leggings. A sleeveless top paired with a flannel shirt or a cardi or even a denim jacket is best to go with a pair of leggings. Or for those days when I feel extra basic (or I must say lazy), a plain shirt would just go well with this. And that’s it! I just love how I can wear leggings with almost anything. It also enhances my legs and my butt and doesn’t make me appear thicker as compared to wearing a not so skinny jeans.


Canvas sneakers can be worn with any outfit, even in dresses and skirts. But I like wearing it with jeans which I hardly wear my other sneakers and kicks with. For some ladies, most especially the taller ones, sneakers, and kicks just look so good on them. Whenever I try to wear one, it just doesn’t seem so satisfying to me. So I would prefer those canvas sneakers for jeans and casual trousers.

For sneakers and kicks, I love wearing it with a pair of leggings.


Mules or slip-on are my current obsession now. I love the illusion of wearing flat shoes which actually feels like wearing just a pair of slippers. I like wearing these with ankle-length bottoms.

I also like to wear flat shoes specifically doll shoes with any outfits most especially with dresses and skirts.

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