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Try Before You Buy with Sample Room PH | AIRISH ABELLA

Try Before You Buy with Sample Room PH

Have you ever purchased a product because ideally, you thought it would work for you? Then eventually, you regretted getting it in the first place? All the more when you bought it in a bigger size thinking you could save a lot of money from it. Ugh! I’m totally guilty of this.

Gratefully, I recently discovered Sample Room. It is the first and only website in the Philippines which offers digital media campaigns along with a sampling service focusing on beauty, health, and lifestyle. They aim to provide the consumers not only with FREE PRODUCT SAMPLES but also some KNOWLEDGE about the product, as well as RELIABLE REVIEWS before purchasing one. These product reviews were from the beauty experts, bloggers, and from local shoppers who availed these samples from them. It’s a one-stop site where you get to READ, LEARN and TRY all these amazing products.

Get to PATCH-TEST the item
and NOT RISK on purchasing a full-sized product that may not work for you.
EXPERIENCE the product
and NOT RELY on reviews alone since you get to try it yourself.
You get to DECIDE WITH AN ASSURANCE that the product will work well with your skin
and you DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY on a product that won’t suit you. 
READ REVIEWS from other buyers who have the same skin type as yours


You instantly get 100 points and these points are the ones you need to avail some samples.
CHOOSE YOUR SAMPLE depending on the number of points needed
and the number of points you have. These points serve as your money.
CHECK OUT and just pay the shipping + handling fee.
RECEIVE YOUR SAMPLES at your doorstep. You can now start testing it out!
GET POINTS BY RATING & REVIEWING EACH OF THE PRODUCTS YOU’VE TRIED. Then you can use these points to get a new set of samples!
Samples review + Earn points + More samples to try!
*OPTIONAL: You can also buy some points to avail some samples.


(1) SkinWhite Classic with Light Feel Technology SPF10

SAMPLE SIZE + PRICE: 200ml | ₱138.60

DETAILS: It’s a non-sticky whitening lotion with VitaNourish formula and SPF benefit. For dry to normal skin.

MY EXPERIENCE: It’s a very mild whitening lotion which I use day and night for almost a week now. I love its powdery scent which is not too overpowering. It can easily absorb into my skin after a while of applying and massaging it on my arms and legs. It’s also true to its claims of the non-sticky feel because it never felt greasy no matter how hot it is. Lastly, it doesn’t leave some white cast on my skin despite the fact that it has SPF10. As for its whitening effect, we’ll see about that in the long run.

This is something I’d definitely purchase in the future! I swear. ♥

(2) Belo Intensive Whitening Micropeeling Toner

SAMPLE SIZE + PRICE: 60ml | ₱79.75

DETAILS: It’s an intensive whitening toner which contains Kojic Acid and Tranexamic Acid along with micro peeling technology that gently clears away dead skin without visible peeling and flaking. It also exfoliates the skin, reduces the appearance of dark spots, as well as eliminates dirt and makeup residue. Paraben-free/Non-comedogenic/Hypoallergenic.

MY EXPERIENCE: It’s an orange colored toner which explains why its residue on the cotton looks a bit brownish, perhaps a combination of the toner and the dirt from my skin? Nevertheless, the dirt looks visible on the cotton pad which makes it easier for me to determine whether I need to tone a little more or not. Also, since it contains kojic acid which is common to whitening toners, I’m surprised how light and mild it feels on the skin. It doesn’t have that stinging effect which I love, and it’s not drying at all. It smells like a baby cologne to me which is somewhat a little citrusy and fresh at the same time.

So far, it doesn’t cause me any redness or breakouts. *fingers-crossed* I’m willing to purchase it after I’ve finished all my other toners from my skincare stash. Hihi!

(3) Pond’s White Beauty Detox Day Cream for Oily Skin

SAMPLE SIZE + PRICE: 28g | ₱78.50

DETAILS: It’s a whitening cream with UV filters and vitamin B3+ that helps fade dark pimple marks 3x faster. It leaves a powder finish and a rosy white glow.

MY EXPERIENCE: One thing I don’t like about applying a day cream is that it tends to make my face extra oily. But with this product, it’s different. I love its smooth, whitening and mattifying effect after I apply it on my face and neck. Plus it leaves my skin a bit pinkish too! Since I’m normally oily, my face tends to oil up after a few hours and needed to reapply again. Well, it depends on you, but I don’t usually reapply anymore even if I need to. I also love its brightening effect as well as its light consistency.

I might purchase this product in full-size once I have emptied my tube and some other remaining day cream products. It smells so good! I have no words for this. It’s absolutely that pleasant scent that I want for my body lotion too. ♥

(4) Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Papaya

SAMPLE SIZE + PRICE: 90g | ₱46

DETAILS: It has a Triple Whitening System that will whiten and exfoliate your skin. It will also help even out your skin making it cleaner and clearer.

MY EXPERIENCE: It has this pleasant fragrance when you smell the bar soap itself, but its scent doesn’t seem to transfer on my skin the way I want to. Also, it claims to have that creamy lather which I didn’t experience at all. I was expecting more from this, but I’m sure they could improve on that.

My overall experience with Sample Room was amazing. Now that I have discovered them, I wish to try more products from different brands too. It’s totally hassle-free and worth trying without costing you much! Here are the following local and international brands they’re partnered with:

Unfortunately, they only offer sampling services within the Philippines as they want to create an online community where reviews are based within the same geographic. Also, they only allow you to avail 1 sample of the same product so that more people will get to try it. Lastly, they don’t sell full-sized products but rest assured that they have included some details on where you can purchase them.
To those who are interested to try out their service, you may visit them in their website
as well as in their social media accounts:
Facebook: /sampleroomph
Twitter: @sampleroomph
Instagram: @sampleroomph
Have you tried their sampling service already?
Let me know in the comments!

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