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Sample Room beauty vlogging workshop | AIRISH ABELLA
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Sample Room beauty vlogging workshop

In my few years of inconsistent blogging, I only get invited to a bloggers’ event once, along with the Philippine Fashion Week a couple of years back. When I have received an invitation from Ms. Diana Ong of Sample Room last month, I felt nothing but mixed emotions. A part of me was really nervous, however, the excitement of learning, meeting new people, and seizing this once in a lifetime opportunity were what made me say yes.

Finally, I got invited to bloggers’ affair again in so long! All thanks to God, and of course, to Sample Room. Anyway, just like what I have mentioned in my previous post, this vlogging workshop was intended to inspire and motivate women in terms of creating a valuable online content. I arrived at the venue really early since my dad just dropped me off before going to Greenhills. I stayed at the lounge area near the function room and waited for my friend to arrive. We met on the line at the registration area. When it’s her turn, she mentioned her name, and the staff easily found it on the list and made her sign. And when it was my turn, it was a bit embarrassing how they couldn’t find my name on the list. So, I just showed her the invite I received and asked me I was able to confirm, and I said yes. Then, the other staff just asked me to write down my name and sign on the guest list. Whew! That was a relief.

After that, I went on to see my new found friends, Aryce, as well as Alyssa, whom I just met personally during that time. I also met Shane, the youngest among us four. We roamed around to take some photos and videos until the host announced that we can start getting some light snacks.

A lot of influencers were there, and it’s nice to get to mingle with at least a few of them. The event was held at the Green Sun Hotel in Makati City where they prepared and organized this Parisian chic vibe setup. Everything was just so pretty and well-arranged. We were seated in the second row, specifically at the back of the guest speakers, Ms. Rhea Bue, Ms. Say Tioco, as well as Ms. Say Alonzo who were also there. I felt so happy to meet them in person! As well as Ms. Raiza Contawi whom I look up to when it comes to doing makeup.

During a short break, we headed over to the Pond’s area where we had our skin tested. I’ll be turning 23 in two months, and to my surprise, my skin’s total age was 22.73. Of course, I felt so pleased knowing that my 10 step Korean skincare routine was all worth the money and time. I think it’s a big factor which contributed to my youthful skin.

One of the things I have learned from these amazing v/bloggers was consistency. It’s absolutely the key to success when it comes to anything in life. When you’re consistent with what you’re doing, everything else follows. First, you get to attract more audience or readers as they get to watch new videos or read more blog posts from you. Second, this gives you a chance to increase your engagement not only with your audience or readers but also with other people who have the same passion as you. Lastly, when you’re active with your channel, blog or even on your Instagram account, a lot more brands or companies get to know you, and eventually work with you.

The next thing I’ve learned is to never let other people bring you down. Never listen to those who are judging or belittling you and your craft. Use this as a motivation to do better as well as to prove them wrong. Never let them dictate your actions get in the way of your dreams in life. At the end of the day, it’s only God who knows you for who you really are, along with the intentions of your actions, and lastly, He’s the only one who knows what’s best for you.

 Credits to Sample Room
My new found friends ♥
Credits to these beautiful ladies for these photos. Follow them!
To those who are interested to try out their sampling service,
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