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My Summertime Smokey Eyes ft. J.Cat Beauty PH | AIRISH ABELLA

My Summertime Smokey Eyes ft. J.Cat Beauty PH

For someone who rarely wears eyeshadow, I’d often go for neutral eye makeup when I’d be doing a photo shoot for my accessories and apparel business. I would always stick with the usual, a combination of browns and nudes, or sometimes I’d try some pinkish shades too. After receiving a bag full of goodies from J.Cat Beauty PH months ago, I honestly felt so overwhelmed with all the colorful shades varying from palettes to pencils to lippies, you name it.

J.Cat Beauty is a fun and playful cosmetic brand from LA which provides exceptional quality of makeup excluding harmful ingredients under a budget of your reality. They offer a ton of colors to mix and match with, and most importantly, all their products are cruelty-free! ♥

How to achieve this Summertime Smokey Eyes Look?
I start first with my skincare routine. After bath or after washing my face, I then proceed with applying my toner, moisturizer, and sunblock.

Since I model for my brand, I frequently change my clothes every now and then. What makes it more difficult is to avoid my makeup to transfer on the item I’m wearing. You know the hassle of carefully putting on and removing a top without getting some makeup stains? And at the same time, changing as fast as you can especially when the sun’s about to go down? Yep, the struggle is real.


So, I skipped the liquid foundation or the CC cushion and used my Two-Way Cake Foundation after putting on some sunblock. That way it can also serve as my face powder already. And yup, I also didn’t use some makeup primer and concealer for this look as I want to keep it in a way natural and summery.


VARIATION: Chestnut & Brown

I used these retractable pencils which have a built-in spoolie brush. Its ingredients are a blend of vegetable, coconut and soybean oil that guarantees fluid application and sensational color. These are long-wearing and both natural looking, yet I personally prefer to use the Chestnut shade more which is the lighter one. The Brown shade was a bit dark so I use it to fill in the end of my brows. These are so pigmented and very easy to glide on.

VARIATION: Hazelnut Duo

This is what I use to fill in most of my brows as it makes it appear more natural, and it’s actually lighter than the pencil shades. It comes with a stencil, an angle brush, and a spoolie brow brush. The compact has a mirror too! However, their angle brush was a bit too thin and soft that it doesn’t seem to work at all. It wasn’t that pigmented and tends to have too many fallouts.

VARIATION: Mysterious Trove

Each palette consists of silky eye shadow colors that fit and go well together. It also comes with a double-sided eye shadow applicator which I don’t use much since I’m more comfortable with using a brush to blend my eye makeup. For this look, I used the yellow shade as my base color, and I used this bright blue color on the outer v half way through my lids. I then reapply the yellow color from the inner corner half way through the lids of my eyes to somehow brighten and make the color pop. I kind of blended the yellow and blue shades to make it a bit on the greener side much like a seaweed green color. The bluish green hue gives an illusion of smokey eyes. And since it’s a summertime look, I also made use of bright summer colors!

I also attempted to use their ‘Zumba’ Sparkling Cream Palette (₱399) which is moist and has that sparkling effect, of course. I had to remove it and had to redo my other eye makeup. I still need to experiment on this. I badly need more practice! Yep, that’s why I have a little glitter around my eyes minus my photo editing, of course.

I used a black brush eyeliner on my upper lashline.


I used this smooth nourishing eye pencil to line my lower lashline. It’s a bit too creamy which tends to smudge easily, good thing it’s free from irritating components which are perfect for sensitive eyes.


VARIATION: Waterproof mascara in Black

I love using waterproof mascaras! It’s definitely one of the things I can’t leave the house without. This mascara is smudge proof and it surely makes my lashes pop up. It lengthens and volumizes my lashes in a natural way. I highly recommend this mascara! ♥


VARIATION: Cancun Golden Tan

This multidimensional and light bronzer has a velvety solar baked formula which you can wear all day long. It’s very pigmented so you have to take it easy when applying it. I sweep it along my cheeks and jawline, as well as at the top of my forehead. I love how it instantly makes my face sunkissed.


VARIATION: 107 Lovey Dovey

It’s a combination of a cheek blush and a bronzer shimmer. Apparently, it seems like more of a highlighter than of a bronzer to me. It’s a hand-stamped cat formatted with healthy shimmery minerals which will give you a radiant natural finish.

SHADE: Barcelona
I used this creamy nude brown shade which keeps my lips hydrated and moisturized with coats of vitamin E.

SHADE: Mauve Stone

Then, I used this ultra moisturizing lightweight lip gloss on top of my Barcelona lippie as I want to achieve that beach makeup look. It can also be used by those with small lips and make it appear fuller.

I know that my eye makeup isn’t perfect, and I still have a lot to improve on, but I just thought of sharing this makeup look as well as the products I used. Let me know what you think of this makeup look! ♥

By the way, these photos were taken back in April, and I only get to post this now. 🙁

DISCLAIMER: This is an honest review. All opinions are just based on my personal experience, it may or may not differ from yours. Thank you!

Here’s their website:

Check them out on their following social media accounts!

What’s your go-to makeup brand?

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