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Glow Boosting Facial Cleanser by Cleopatra’s Secret

Koreans are quite a big influence in our generation today. In most Asian countries I have visited, including our country, the Philippines, there were and will always be some traces of the Korean beauty and entertainment elsewhere. After that spring trip to Korea, my skincare routine has rapidly changed from 5 to 6 steps into a 10 step skincare routine which is known as an effective skincare regimen among Koreans. Since I admire their youthful and glowing skin, I gave in and tried it out myself. I don’t put many products on my face in the morning, but during at night, I religiously do all these steps except when I run out of sheet masks.

As odd as it may seem, this 10 step skincare routine doesn’t require using Korean skin care products alone. My skincare products are mostly organic, some are Korean made but mostly are proudly Philippine made. It’s still up to you which products to use depending on your skin type and preference. After sticking to a popular gentle facial cleanser for years now, I fearlessly tried out different ones for my face for the past few months despite having a sensitive skin. First, I’ve tried out a cube facial soap, it works just fine and I didn’t have any breakouts while using it. A few months later, I switch to this Glow Boosting Facial Cleanser which was sent to me by Cleopatra’s Secret, a local organic brand here in the Philippines. You may also check out my review about their Cucumber Rosewater facial mist and their Antioxidant Boost Moisturizing Green Tea soap.

This Glow Boosting Facial Cleanser is 100% natural and handmade. It’s made of nourishing and hydrating ingredients which are perfect for dry skin. It contains botanical oils which are turned into facial cleansers. Each facial cleanser bottles are freshly made every week and no chemicals are added. Hence, it must be consumed within 2-3 months of purchase. Colorant-free. Sulfate-free. Fragrance-free. Preservative-Free.
It comes in a clear foam pump bottle covered with their product label. A 60ml bottle of this Glow Boosting Facial cleanser is worth PHP219, and the 160ml bottle is worth PHP349.

Argan oil, Rosehip, Emu Oil, Babassu Oil, Cucumber extract, Seaweed extract, Green Tea extract with Frankincense and Myrrh Essential Oils, Vitamin C + E
(applies to all their facial cleansers)
– Leaves the skin healthy and smooth.
– Helps soothe breakouts.
– Keeps skin from becoming dry or too oily.
– Full of antioxidants that slow down aging.
– Tightens pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines.
– Hydrates the skin.
I know that we’re all used to the typical facial cleansers that come in ordinary pump bottles or even squeeze bottles. But with all of Cleopatra’s Secret’s facial cleansers, it all comes in foam pump bottles which make the experience different. Since it’s an all-natural cleanser, it needs a little help and this foam pump bottle cleanser turns the liquid into foam. I use this for my face in the morning and evening, and I love how gentle it is on my skin. I usually massage it gently on my face in a circular motion for a minute and leave it there while I brush my teeth. Despite the warning from the bottle to avoid my eye area, I didn’t seem to have any problems leaving it on my face without stinging my eyes. I can leave it on my face for as long as I want. And I guess that’s how mild this facial cleanser is.
After that, I wash it off with water. For more than a month of using this facial cleanser, I didn’t experience any breakouts, thus, I have noticed how it softened and brightened up my face. Yes, I may have a clear skin even before I have used this which I’m grateful to God for, but I have always wanted that healthy glow which is similar the skin of Koreans. And I believe I’m slowly getting there with the help of this Glow Boosting Facial Cleanser along with the other skincare products I use every day. So far, my skin doesn’t dry out anymore! My skin is not perfect, but it feels healthier, more hydrated and way better now as compared to before.

After washing my face, I use their Brightening Papaya Face Mask at least once or twice a week for best results. I’ll have a separate blog post for that.

I highly recommend this to those who have a very sensitive skin. This facial cleanser is very mild and gentle on the skin and made with nothing but natural ingredients. You can use it for as long as you want without irritating your skin. It works well for me, and I even brought it with me in my previous Taiwan trip! Hihi.
(Facial Cleanser)
– Pimple Soothing
– Brightening Rose
– Anti-aging

DISCLAIMER: This is an honest review. All opinions are just based on my personal experience, it may or may not differ from yours. Thank you!

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