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More often than not, we tend to focus more on our makeup as well as the clothes we wear than anything else. There are times when we put less attention on our shoes and accessories, when in fact these are one of the factors which make your outfit as stunning as possible. Aside from wearing my go-to accessories, I now wear an anklet too.

My other foot kind of looks awkward ’cause I tiptoed! That’s why it looks weird in the photo.

I got this multi-layer flower pendant anklet from Rosegal which costs more or less than a dollar only. Its simplicity was what caught my attention most. I wear this with a pair of mules or slides to give a little bling on my ankle. As for my faux leather bow slippers, I also got it from Rosegal. I adore its simple yet chic style which gives a feminine touch to my outfits. This style is also available in colors white and light yellow, but for me, this nude pink was the perfect color among the three. I love wearing this on hot sunny days when I don’t feel like wearing some sneakers or kicks. I even use it with denim jeans or plain shirts since it instantly adds glamour to any of my basic ensembles.

It’s always important to get some nice pair of shoes. It doesn’t always have to be expensive for as long as you’re comfortable with it, and that you can carry yourself well while wearing it, then you’re good to go. Besides, good shoes make a nice impression about you too. It usually denotes how you want people to know you or label you as. Lastly, it’s important to get your nails done when wearing a pair of peep-toe shoes or sandals. Because there will always be that one person who will check on your shoes! Needless to say how terrible it is to show off your dirty toenails, isn’t it? 😉
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