KKOT Essence Lip Tint Balm from BNS Philippines

My growing love for Korean beauty products started last April, after hoarding some skincare products from the numerous shops in the streets of Myeongdong. I find their products so effective and true to its claims. Just last month, I have discovered Beauty N Style in Seoul on Instagram, an online shop which directly imports a few beauty products from South Korea.

They sent me the KKOT Essence Lip Tint Balm which is also known as a flower lipstick. KKOT (pronounced as /kot/) means flower, blossom, or bloom in Korean. Apparently, there’s a dried flower in this transparent balm, and I chose mine in violet color. The dried flower varies from pink, violet, yellow and blue. It’s absolutely the prettiest lippie I had in my life! Plus, it smells so good too. It contains sweet almond oil and jojoba oil which is why it’s so moisturizing on the lips. I always use it before applying my lipstick, most especially when I’m about to use a matte liquid lipstick which tends to dry out my lips. I even sometimes apply it on top of my lipstick to keep it well moisturized all throughout the day.
As much as I always have my lip and cheek tint in my bag, I also see to it that I bring with me my KKOT essence lip tint balm just in case I need to hydrate my lips due to the hot weather. And since I always have it with me, I even brought it to my trip to Taiwan. Sadly, I broke it on our last day while cleaning/wiping the top part. ๐Ÿ™ I didn’t realize how fragile it was, and how I carelessly wiped it with a tissue paper, and now I don’t know how to use it anymore.
What makes this product more interesting is that the tint shade depends on the temperature, as well as the moisture of your lips when applied. It varies from red to dark and light pink shades. I also think that the tint shade depends on the natural color of your lips. I love to use it on days when I don’t feel like wearing a lipstick, and when I want to achieve that no-makeup-makeup-look. Its tint looks very subtle and natural on the lips which will make you appear more youthful and fresh. I think that’s also the thing with Korean makeup, they always use products and ways which can make them look younger, and not the other way around. It also comes in this transparent tube which perfectly shows the beauty of this lippie.
You may score this pretty lippie from BNS Philippines for only PHP550!
They also sell sheet masks, sunnies, cosmetics and a lot more.
PH contact number: +63 956 805 7878
SK contact number: +82 10 2979 9290
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