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Unicorn brushes are quite a trend lately, so I have decided to get myself my first set of brushes. Yes, I’m into makeup but I’ve never had a bunch of brushes before. I have received them last June, and due to the number of brands I’m working with, I didn’t have the chance to review these a few months back. These brushes and eye palette are from

I decided to get mine in a set of 12 makeup brushes, its bristles were multicolored which I find very cute. It is also made out of nylon hair which explains why it’s so soft and very comfortable to use. They’re also made out of high-quality natural and synthetic fiber for a long lasting performance. I also love makeup brushes which will never give you a hard time blending, as well as not too harsh on the skin. These brushes were suitable for your face, eye, and brow makeup. I’m no pro when it comes to makeup, but I highly recommend this set of brushes most especially to beginners like me. I swear you’ll love it too! And it’s definitely worth more than its price of $4.51, though this variation is already sold out. You know it’s a good product when it runs out of stock. Hihi! But don’t worry, they still have different variants available.

I also got this Pro 120 Colors Eye Shadow Palette for only $8.24. Sadly, some of the shades from this palette were broken due to the shipping. I wish they were keener when it comes to packing cosmetics since they’re very fragile, and can easily be damaged. Hence, I’m pretty impressed with how pigmented they were. In just one swish of the brush, you can already get the right amount of eye makeup you need. All you have to do is to blend it well to achieve your desired look without overdoing it. One thing I also love about this palette is that it’s very durable and portable. All these shades were compressed into one light-weight compact which is very convenient especially when traveling or when you don’t have time to do your makeup at home. The colors range from white and nudes to dark and bold colors. This palette is perfect for day to night makeup and consists of both matte and shimmer eye shadows.

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