Day 1 outfit in Taiwan ft. ZAN.STYLE

We spent our previous weekend in Taiwan since Monday was a holiday in the Philippines. Squeezing in your itinerary for two days was the most difficult thing ever. It was actually our first time doing this, and I must admit how challenging it had been for all of us.

On our first day, we went to visit Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall which is a national monument and a tourist attraction in Taiwan. Since it’s currently summer time, the weather was very humid which was similar to the weather here in Manila, yet for some reason, I find it way hotter in Taipei! The sun was just too much, it feels like burning my skin. At first, I was just enjoying myself under the sun and taking my time with my photos, but as soon as we start walking our way from the memorial hall going back to the train station, I started to feel quite dizzy most probably because of too much heat. It’s a good thing that they have vending machines in some places ’cause you’ll definitely be needing some cold drinks.
Based on our experience when it comes to visiting temples and memorial halls, they usually implement a dress code for the visitors so we all decided to wear something modest, just in case they do. I’m wearing this strappy front tee and a boyfriend ripped ankle jeans which I both got from ZAN.STYLE. It’s an apparel brand which provides simple yet high-quality pieces both for men and women. One word I can describe this brand is “minimalist.” They have beautiful pieces from basic to classic, depending on your style and preference.

I find this strappy front tee so perfect for the weather in Taiwan, it’s soft and lightweight to wear yet no doubt it’s made of high-quality materials. It’s also available in colors blue and white, how I wish I have this in all colors! I love wearing basic plain tees, ’cause who doesn’t? It’s the comfiest thing to wear in the world! I tucked in my shirt in this ripped ankle jeans which I know was way too long for me. I even got it in the wrong size which was my bad. I got it in medium thinking that the smaller size wouldn’t fit me, well I guess I have underestimated myself too much. I wore this brown leather belt which I borrowed from my mom so as to keep my jeans in perfect fit as well as to add color and accent to my outfit. And then I made a classic cuff to shorten my obviously “long” ankle jeans. Haha! Nonetheless, I love its loose fit on my legs which makes it so easy for me to move around. I paired this outfit with my black leather sling bag, as well as with my black mules. To complete this look, I wore a pair of hoop earrings and a single rhinestone choker. Oh and of course, this trip wouldn’t be complete without my cap and sunnies! They’re definitely my life saver!

Please check them out!
I swear they have the nicest basic pieces you’ll ever need!

What do you guys think of my outfit?
Have you ever been to Taiwan?
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