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Coffee has always been a part of my daily routine, and I can’t seem to properly function without it. I’ve been dependent on caffeine already, and its absence even for a day gives me a total headache. Apart from coffee, one of my addiction is skin care products! I’m totally obsessed with anything that will keep my skin healthy and moisturized.

Years ago, I wasn’t so much into paying attention to my skin. Taking a bath every day was good enough for me. A body soap or a body wash was already sufficient until I’ve started using a body scrub on a weekly basis back in 2015. Of course, I may have tried one before that, but I didn’t feel the need to use it all the time. Back then, I only allow a day/s in a month to pamper myself either at home or in a salon. Then last year, the coffee scrub was introduced to me for the first time. It was sent by an international organic brand, and I loved it.

Just this month, I was blessed enough to have been given an opportunity to try out another coffee scrub. Aside from the fact that it was a combination of my favorites, coffee as a body scrub, what made me even happier is that this brand is proudly made here in the Philippines! ♥ HAPPY SCRUB is a local organic brand which sells coffee scrub online. I got their 300g Original Coffee Scrub, and I believe it’s the only variant available as of the moment, but I hope they’ll release different ones in the future. Hihi!

That day when I have received the package from them, I was having dysmenorrhea, so I wasn’t feeling well at all. But when I saw the box, my mood immediately shifted from being down to being my usual happy self! 🙂 The box was so cute and even cuter on the inside! I love its colors and design. It was very attractive and is perfect for girls like me who’s so much into cutesy stuff. The container is made out of a hard plastic, I believe, and the ones I had before was in a packet packaging which I find very inconvenient during my bath. From this container, I can easily get a handful of scrub without having to worry about getting its packaging wet.

So what are its ingredients? HAPPY SCRUB is made of…

(1) ROBUSTA COFFEE GROUNDS – are perfect for stimulating blood flow. It also targets cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema, acne, and scarring.
(2) MUSCOVADO BROWN SUGAR – serves as a moisturizer, and conditions as well as protects skin from harmful effects of toxins. It also hydrates our skin and keeps our pores clean and unclogged.
(3) COLD PRESSED SWEET ALMOND OIL – stimulates healing of the skin.
(4) EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL – has rich amounts of vitamins, minerals as well as fatty acids.
(5) RAW HONEY – is loaded with antiseptic, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.
(6) SEA SALT – gets rid of your dry and flaky skin. It reduces inflammation, targets skin conditions, and treats wounds.
(7) NATURAL VITAMIN E – keeps our skin youthful.

It contains absolutely nothing but natural ingredients. I use it not only on my body, but also on my face, yet of course, I try to be as gentle as possible. I only get a small amount of the coffee scrub, just enough to exfoliate my face and so as not to dry it up. And then, I work my way from my arms down to my legs. I pay much attention to my thighs because I really want to get rid of my cellulite.  Also, I take the time to scrub my underarms (but not too harshly), my elbows, my inner thighs, my butt, and of course, my knees. These areas tend to easily darken because of excessive sweat and such causes. After that, I then start rubbing my hands with the excess. Yes, our hands need extra care too! As for my feet, I usually sweep them on the floor with the scrub fallouts ’cause you know, every bit of it counts. And that’s when I rub my feet together. As soon as I’m satisfied and done scrubbing my entire body, that’s when I scrub my ankles, feet, and my toes with the use of my hands.

Before that, I slather my skin first with the bar soaps that I use every day. Yes, I am that much into soaps lately, but take note, they’re all organic. I use five different kinds of soap in one bath. Anyway, after rinsing, I then start using the coffee scrub on my face and body. Then, after rinsing again, you can use your favorite soap so as to remove any excess on your face and body. For me, what I love to use before I end my bath are my two new moisturizing soaps! One is green tea, and the other is shea butter. Well actually the shea butter is my mom’s but I use it anyway. However, this is just optional, you can always end your bath with this body scrub. It definitely removes my dead skin cells making my skin feel so soft afterward. Aside from its benefits, it also smells really good too since it doesn’t have that strong aroma. Just the good and tolerable coffee aroma which everyone will surely love.

This was my first try weeks ago, and I haven’t read their benefit claims only until now. So I’ll definitely put more attention on my dark under eyes too! Good bye, panda eyes! (Hopefully! Hihi.)

Here’s what HAPPY SCRUB claims as benefits on your skin:

(1) SOFTER AND SMOOTHER SKIN – removes your dead skin cells.
(2) BRIGHTER SKIN – dull skin no more. Caffeine stimulates your skin the same way it stimulates your heart rate.
(3) REDUCES EYE PUFFINESS & DARK CIRCLES – it is gentle enough to be used around the eyes, just be sure as not to put any pressure when rubbing it in your eye area. The coffee scrub will make it appear tighter and less tired.
(4) IMPROVES CIRCULATION – scrubbing alone + with coffee scrub stimulates your blood circulation.
(5) REDUCES THE APPEARANCE OF CELLULITE – the diuretic property from coffee dehydrates the fat cells closest to your skin’s surface and shrinks their size. Less noticeable fat cells mean improved cellulite.
(6) TIGHTENS SKIN – get an instant face lift without a needle.
(7) FIGHTS AGING – coffee beans has antioxidants which help keep your skin look youthful, fresh and undamaged.
(8) CALMS YOUR SKIN – the antioxidants keep it balanced and healthy most especially when you have an inflamed, sensitive and an uneven skin tone.
(9) REPAIRS UV DAMAGE – coffee scrub target wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, freckles or hyper pigmentation.
(10) HELPS ROSACEA – keeps redness away.

These are all based on their website, and this is truly the amazing skin benefits of their coffee scrub. I honestly love it on my skin, and for me, it’s worth every single penny. One thing I just noticed after a few tries, which of course, they can still improve on was the lack of moisture. Yes, it does feel soft on the skin, and it’s excellent when it comes to removeing my dead skin but I was just expecting a little more. And that it’ll give me a silky smooth skin afterward. Nonetheless, I know that they can still work on that. Just a little more improvement needed and it’s already too close to perfection! Hihi. If I’m about to rate it as 10 being the highest, I would give it a 9! 🙂 And besides, I’m still observing its effect on my skin as I use it more frequently. So far so good! Yet hopefully, it will get rid of my dark and puffy under eyes.

(UPDATE as of July 29, 2017, at 7:45 pm)

I posted this review for more than an hour now, but I’ve decided to try it out again tonight as I don’t want to give you false or lack of information. This time, after I rinsed off the coffee scrub from my body, I let one of my arms dry using my bath towel and I was surprised how smooth my skin was. And then I used my favorite bar soaps again to end my bath. Rinsed, and I felt, and already know the difference. I guess excessively washing tends to rinse off the moisture from your skin. Therefore, I suggest that after you rinse off the coffee scrub, that should be it. No more follow ups! The natural oils from it will just be washed off. Just slather up with a moisturizing lotion afterward for a better, softer, and smoother skin! So my final rating for HAPPY SCRUB would be 10/10!! 🙂

Disclaimer: This is an honest review. All opinions are just based on my personal experience, it may or may not differ from yours. Thanks! 🙂

You may get this for only PHP499 at
Instagram: @happy_scrub
What do you think of a coffee scrub?
Have you tried any before?
Let me know in the comments!
Instagram: @airishabella