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Girl Talk #1: Period Underwear by Mirko PH

The first day of my period is the last thing I look forward to every month. I guess most of us girls do. Aside from the intense dysmenorrhea I get, it’s always a hassle to make small and careful movements every now and then, especially when seated or laid down on the couch or bed.

I’m glad I have found Mirko PH, a local brand here in the Philippines which specializes in women’s period underwear. I’m so grateful for having received a pair of their well-known period panty. I’m not sure if they’re the first to release this kind of underwear in the country, but this is surely worth every peso. It has a built-in lining which goes from the crotch to the back and provides a leak-proof protection which gives you extra confidence to get through the day. It serves as a back up for your sanitary pads, tampons, and cups, especially on your heavy days. I know a few women in my life who are on their mid-40s and are experiencing heavier periods which is common for their age. If you’re one, I highly suggest using this underwear to feel at ease of not leaving any stains, especially when going to work, or simply when leaving the house.

The fabric used is a polyester spandex material which makes it more resistant to stains, as well as easier to wash off. In fact, it’s almost similar to wearing a seamless or a regular underwear. It’s very comfortable and light to wear, and I’m so happy that I got it in my perfect size. It is a snug fit bikini cut underwear, yet it doesn’t have that bulky feel even when I have my pads on. I believe they only have one color and style as of the moment, but I’m hoping they’ll release a variety of it soon! Nonetheless, they have it in from S to XL sizes. You may refer from their measurements below:

Washing can be done either by hand or machine, but I prefer to wash it by hand using a mild soap. To maintain its good condition, just refrain from ironing or drying with heat.

You may get 1 piece for PHP250, and a pack of 3 for only PHP675! ♥

With all honesty, I was really impressed knowing that a Filipino brand released this must-have underwear for women. I couldn’t help but feel so proud. I used it on my second day, and it certainly does its job. I didn’t leave any stains on my bed or clothes after using this life saver undie! If you want a hassle-free period, you better try this one. I prefer using it on the first and second day of my period when it tends to get heavier.

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