Peach beach, anyone?

When it comes to doing my makeup, I like to keep it simple and natural. Nudes and browns have always been my go-to shades. Though once in a while, I try to incorporate more bold colors into my looks and show off my creative side.
During the first year of my college years, I have always struggled with makeup. Before I went to college, all I have in my pouch was a bottle of loose baby powder, and a tint or gloss. I had to keep up, not only with my friends but also with some of our professors who require us to wear a simple makeup into their class. Just a short background, I studied International Hospitality Management, so in that case, I always had to be in a proper grooming. As months went by, a few more cosmetics were added into my pouch. A pressed powder, a mascara, and a lipstick. After a year, most of my batchmates from college and high school were turning 18, and it’s when we celebrate our turning of legal age here in the Philippines. It’s like celebrating your 21st birthday in some countries. Most of the debut parties I have attended were formal, and of course, I had to learn how to do my own makeup. I don’t expect my friends to do mine because of course, they’re preppin’ up too. Makeup tutorial videos were my makeup teachers from then up to now. And so far, I’m still learning from my trial and error sessions at home. β™₯
Neutral eye palettes usually come in a compact of three or even less. Admittedly, I have tons of those, and I usually had a hard time picking which one to bring due to the lack of shade choices. I’m happy I got this Natural Eyes palette from Too Faced which is perfect for traveling and for some on-the-go touch ups. It’s in a tin metal packaging which is beautifully designed with a lace looking print similar to its box. It has a mirror and a ‘how to – glamour guide’ leaflet which lets you choose from three different looks. 
This palette comprises of 9 neutral shades which I got the best color description of from its product description from Sephora PH, and these are: Cashmere Bunny (taupe matte), Sexpresso (deep brown matte), Push-Up (light bronze pearl), Erotica (charcoal brown with gold flecks), Honey Pot (gold pearl), Chocolate Martini (deep espresso with gold shimmer), Heaven (cream matte), Silk Teddy (peach champagne shimmer), and Nudie (fawn matte).
I have decided to try the ‘Fashion look’ based on the ‘how to – glamour guide.” I followed the guide to use the shades Nudie, Honey Pot, and Chocolate Martini. I chose this look for the reason that I want to try creating my version of a sun-kissed makeup look. I didn’t go overly dramatic with the Chocolate Martini since I’m still after the natural look. But I’m pretty impressed with this palette, it’s very pigmented and can last be worn for a long time. Before getting this palette, I was torn between this and the other Too Faced palettes. With no regrets, this is definitely something I can use on my day and evening looks.
To add a little color and glow to my cheeks, I also got this Peach Beach Sweethearts Blush also from Too Faced! β™₯ Its heart packaging makes me fall in love more with the product itself. Who says that packaging doesn’t matter? It comes with three hues of blush which can be used all at the same time, or separately. It’s a combination of a highlighter, blush, and bronzer in one adorably cute heart compact. You may choose from four different variants, but I got mine in Peach Beach which gives you a bronze rose glowy look. I just wish it comes with a brush you can specifically use for touch ups. Nonetheless, I have still no words for this. My new ultimate fave! Yay!
To finish off this look, I got the Melted Matte liquified long wear matte lipstick in the shade Queen B from Too Faced as well. For some reason, I always find myself getting a similar shade of lipstick lately, and I don’t know why. Anyway, this liquid lipstick glides like a gloss but dries to ultra-matte which I love. It’s non-drying to the lips and definitely lightweight. What sets apart this look from the other sun-kissed looks I’ve seen online is that I used a matte liquid lipstick instead of a glossy one.
I’ve tried this makeup look in several outfits during a two-hour photo shoot at home, and I love how it matches well with a rad chic outfit to a boho look. You guys also know how hot and humid is here in the Philippines, and the continuous change of outfits make it even worse, and this made me so impressed with these long-wear cosmetic products from Too Faced. I only did a touch up once after I used an oil-control film on my T-zone, and I had to reapply a little of the Peach Beach blush.
Here are some of my photos using the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette, Too FacedToo Faced Peach Beach Sweethearts Blush, and lastly, Too Faced Melted Matte in the shade Queen B.
In different outfits, angles, lighting and set-up.
Which photo do you like best? πŸ™‚

PS. I’m not a makeup expert, so please bear with me.

Outfit #1: Rad & laid-back
Outfit #2: Crazy over turbans

Outfit #3: Casual & floral
Overall, these products can definitely be used on a daily basis. I believe they’re all appropriate for school and work, just don’t go overboard and you’re good to go!
I got all these Too Faced products from Sephora PH. Wanna get your hands on these products too? 
Just visit them at
These products worked really well for me, and I’m hoping it’ll be the same with you. πŸ™‚
Let me know if you have tried any Too Faced products, as well as your opinion about them.
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How was your shopping experience?

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