Zaful Review: Rhinestone Moon Arrow Pentagram Bracelet Set

I have mentioned in one of my previous posts (click here if you haven’t seen that yet) how important accessories are to me, as well as to the other ladies out there. These accessories give more life to any outfits, even the simplest ones. As for me, I always dress up depending on my mood, so my accessories always vary too. But of course, having too many can be so expensive too. So I usually go for the simple ones which can be used for any occasion.

This rhinestone moon arrow pentagram bracelet set already comes in five. What I love about it was its simplicity. It can be worn with any outfit without looking so tacky. I know that sometimes we find some accessories cute yet we tend to wear it on limited occasions only. Same thing goes with clothes, bags, and shoes. Oftentimes, we get too impulsive purchasing items which we easily got attracted too, and doesn’t bother thinking if this goes well with anything from our closet. 
Anyway, I got this bracelet set, obviously from Zaful. I can easily wear it with anything including my go-to outfit which is a pair of leggings and shirt. You can wear them all together, but I always opt to wear 2 to 3 of these bracelets only. Depends on you. Also, you may purchase this bracelet set for only $3.03 or even less! It sometimes varies since they always host a sale. Aside from their on-sale items, they also have a different collection of their clearance sale items! So be sure to visit them now 🙂

 This set is definitely worth your money. And for its price? It looks even more than that.

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