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My Bareskin Specialist Review: Luminous whitening & refreshing facial cube

Having a sensitive skin doesn’t mean you’re maarte or kutis mayaman, as some people would always say. It’s not a thing to brag nor to lie about. I know that some people don’t take this matter seriously, and think that you’re just making it up to look sossy. I’m not sure if it’s only an issue here in the Philippines or where else in other parts of the world. In my case, I used to have a really sensitive skin to the point that I can no longer use a scented shampoo and conditioner, as well as a body soap. I always use unscented ones which were advised by the doctor since my skin tends to itch easily. I would always have some little wounds due to excessive scratching.

As I grow up, I thank God that I got over that phase of my life. It was in my late grade school years when I started trying different soaps and hair care products which include the scented ones. I know how it must’ve been hard and sad for those who still experiences these things, and maybe worse. Others get bullied by it even. To those of us who are lucky enough to experience only mild skin problems/issues, let’s just be grateful that we only experience less. To admit, I’m also guilty of being one. I tend to complain about being oily, for having a zit or two. And the list goes on. Just imagine those who experience worse. Let’s support them and give them the encouragement they need! ♥

Anyway, I have received this luminous whitening and refreshing facial cube from Ms. Rowena Los Banos of My Bareskin Specialist. It’s a local brand here in the Philippines which offers a ton of organic skincare and hair products. This pack comes in six cubes which are made from natural whitening extract, as well as oxygen water. Oxygen water acts as an anti-bacterial agent which is good for treating acne and rosacea. I wasn’t actually familiar with rosacea only until now. Turns out it’s a skin condition which causes redness on the face. This formula is also beneficial for aging skin, as well as it provides energy to skin cells.

At first, I was honestly hesitant to try out this soap and scared that I might experience some breakouts. I only use a mild cleanser on my face, and like I have mentioned, my skin tends to itch easily most especially when trying new products. So, two weeks ago, I first tried out this soap at night, and I was like, “it’s okay.” That weekend, before my flight to South Korea, I thought of bringing it with me since its size was perfect for traveling, and I can put it in a small ziplock bag. Also, I’d love to continually use it and see if it works well in the cold weather too.

One thing I always check after washing my face is that if I get some redness from the product I used. In a way, this would tell me if the product I used contains harsh ingredients. And surprisingly, it never happened to me with this product. I also took advantage of rinsing my face with the ice cold tap water while in South Korea. Ahhhhh! Even if it’s numbing, it always felt so good after. So, just like the normal routine, I wash the cube and rub it with my two hands, and that’s when it gets foamy which I personally love. It’s now my third week using my first cube, and it seems like it will last even up to next week.

I believe you can purchase it for only PHP250.00 per pack of 6 cubes. It’s also unscented, hand-made, and contains natural ingredients alone. Overall, I’ve been loving this facial soap and is perfect for all skin types. I also think that it’s one of the factors why my face have been kept moisturized despite the cold weather in Seoul. Well, except that one day in Myeongdong when we weren’t expecting that super cold temperature, and my face and lips dried up a little bit.

Nonetheless, I recommend this to those of you who are looking for a new facial soap to try, or if you have a sensitive skin and you’ve been meaning to try a facial soap that will make a difference to your skin. By continually using this luminous whitening and refreshing facial cube along with some other skincare products such as a toner and moisturizer, I noticed and felt a big difference on my skin. It’s now even softer and smoother! Pwera usog!

I swear this is an excellent product to try. ♥ The product details stated above were from one of My Bareskin Specialist’s Instagram post, and the rest were all my opinion. Remember, it may work for me, but it may not also work for you, and vice-versa. And now, it’s my second week of trying the Exotic Mocha Latte with avocado soap, also from My Bareskin Specialist. Sadly, I wasn’t able to bring it with me on my trip, but I’m back to using it again! I can’t wait to share my experience about it with you soon.

To those who are interested you may visit them at
Lot 5 Blk 6 Malachi St. Inday Subd. Antipolo City, Philippines, 1870
Mobile: +639175524468
Landline: (02) 696 6571
I hope you can try it too!