My Bareskin Specialist is a local organic brand here in the Philippines which offers a variety of beauty products such as bar soaps, body scrub, treatment products, haircare products, and even cosmetics too. I have featured this brand in one of my most recent blog posts showcasing one of their facial soap which is the Luminous whitening & refreshing facial cube.
Organic products are definitely my favorite! ♥ It doesn’t contain chemicals which can be harmful to our skin as well as for the fact that it sometimes contains my favorite fruits and scents too! Supporting local products not only makes me more proud as a Filipino, but I also take this chance as a way of giving back for all the love I’m getting on my business too since the apparel and accessories I’m selling are proudly Filipino made. Anyway, Exotic Mocha Latte with Avocado soap is one of the body soaps I have received from this brand. I must say that artisan soap is definitely one of the specialties of Ms. Rowena Los Banos, the brand owner. Having tried this soap for almost a month, I must say that it can really make your skin feel softer. Not only it whitens my skin, but also claims to be anti-aging and detoxifying too. We all have a misconception that when it comes to our soap and even to our shampoo, it’s always better and cleaner when it’s bubbly and foamy. But we’re wrong, bubbles and foam don’t always guarantee the effectiveness of a product. In this soap’s case, it isn’t too bubbly and foamy at all. In fact, it actually takes a while before it foams upon rubbing. So you now have an idea whether it’s effective or not, right? Hehe.
The appearance might look kind of extraordinary, but don’t be intimidated by it. I guess that’s just really the nature of artisan soaps, they’re perfectly imperfect. Its shape is not too well-proportioned which sets it apart from any other bar soaps. Their artisan soap is also available in guava, pure banana & olive oil, banana, avocado, and maybe a lot even more variants I’m not even aware of. They also have other cute soaps that would make you think twice before using it. They are shaped nicely such as the rose-shaped glow in the dark soap, flower-shaped pearl powder soap, flower-shaped hydrogen whitening soap, chocolate crinkles or munchkin shaped baked whitening mocha latte with avocado soap, perfumed button soaps, Winnie the Pooh and Hello Kitty soaps, banana macaron soap in different colors & scents, and a lot more!
To those who are interested, you may visit them at
Contact number: +63 917 5524468 | 02 696 6571