StyleWe Bag Wishlist

More than we put importance on our clothes and shoes, choosing the right bag for an ensemble can make a whole lot difference too. It doesn’t matter what brand or how expensive your bag is. I believe it’s more of choosing the right style and color which you may use in almost every outfit. When getting a bag, one thing I have learned is to always stick with neutral colors or as to what they say, the classics. Well, you can always get as many colored bags as you can. It’s your choice. But be sure to invest in at least 1-2 neutral bags in your wardrobe. Trust me, you can never go wrong with it.
I believe some of you are already familiar with StyleWe, one of the most popular and sophisticated shopping platforms there is. They feature independent fashion designers which offer high-quality products such as clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. If there’s one word to describe all the items from their website, it would probably be classic. Most of the items were designed in a very sophisticated way. Some of it were even embroidered with cute designs and prints, yet the sophistication stays.
Here are some of the bags I’ve been wanting to have.

It’s a medium size black bag made out of cowhide leather and a gold-tone hardware. A black bag goes well with anything! And it’s perfect for any occasion too.

It’s a medium sized simple twist lock bag made out of split leather. It doesn’t seem purple to me, but that’s what it says from the variation. For me, it’s more of on the light pink side which I love. I believe it would go well with a white ensemble, and even to nudes and other light or pastel pieces.
It’s a medium-sized bag with a zipper and magnetic closure made out of PU material which I’m not familiar with. I’m choosing it in light gray, but it sure looks lovely with light pink too. It has a cute cat pearl embellishment, I believe, but you see how classy this bag still looks like? Ahhh! ♥ I guess this bag would go well with dresses and any skirt outfits.
It’s a small-sized bag made out of PU material and a gold-tone hardware. It also has some rhinestone decorations, as well as a push-lock and zipper closure. I like it better in the color navy blue than in light gray. This is also a color that is very easy to pair with.

To those who are interested in these bags, just feel free to visit
They also offer free shipping on orders $60 and up!
Which among these 4 chic bags is your favorite?
Have you tried shopping with StyleWe? How was it?