Rucy’s Vanity product review

Korean skincare routine has been all over the internet for quite some time now, and of course, that includes a ton of Korean beauty products too. I, for one, is very jealous with their smooth and dewy skin. I often watch videos pertaining to how they do their makeup and maintain their beautiful skin. One thing I have noticed is that their style of doing their makeup make them achieve a natural and youthful look.
I have actually received these Korean cosmetic products from Rucy’s Vanity a few months already, but I have been quite busy, yet I made sure that I am able to test it out as days go by. The following products they sent me were gleamy whitening BB cream, two-way cake foundation, auto eyebrow pencil, gleamy lavish waterproof mascara, and lastly, a matte lipstick.
It is a 5-in-1 BB cream which claims to be a makeup base, foundation, has UV protection, and anti-wrinkle and whitening substances. It is also a combination of moisturizer and concealer which gives more coverage and a matte finish.
At first, I got too overwhelmed with the product since I applied too much, I guess. I didn’t like how it looked on my skin. But after a quite some time, I learned how to apply it nicely with just a right amount. It feels very light and natural on the skin, and not sticky at all. For me, it makes my skin appear more flawless than usual, and the coverage is very good too.
I believe the coverage depends on how much amount you apply, and how much you pay attention to those areas. But as for me, whenever I have a zit or a pimple mark, yes, I may want to cover it but not as much. I know that’s what concealing/er is for, but I just don’t want to worsen them by covering them up. I have nothing against those who do, and those who take their makeup seriously, but as for me, I love applying makeup yet I still want to look me. I don’t want people to not be able to recognize me without these products. And again, that is just for me. 🙂
One thing I don’t like much about this product is that it doesn’t control my skin from oiling up which they don’t claim to have. But I think the main thing you get from using Korean products is having a dewy skin which I love, and of course, not so barbie-fied at all. Lol.
PRICE: PHP200.00 or USD4.00
Yes, you may find it cheap for its price, but you know it’s a good cosmetic product when it’s made in Korea.
It is a combination of powder and foundation with a whitening and non-clogging effect and comes with an added protection from UV rays as well.
First things first, I must say that its packaging is really cute. As you open it, there’s a clear plastic pull-up cover which separates the puff from the product itself. Again, I find it very lightweight and not too harsh on the skin, yet it doesn’t stick to one of its claim which is to stay matte all day. Maybe it’s also because of the humid weather here which adds up to the reason why I tend to oil up in my T-zone.
PRICE: PHP250.00 or USD5.00

It’s a retractable eyebrow pencil which gives very precise lines.
Yes, it’s very pigmented but I find its color too dark and very unnatural looking. When I have first tried it, I overdid it again. I applied it on my entire brows which made it appear even darker since I have natural dark brows.
Gleamy whitening BB cream in #21 Natural
Auto eyebrow pencil in Brown
So now, what I do is to apply  this auto eyebrow pencil on the ends of my brows since it has a dark brown shade, and I use a lighter shade of eyebrow pencil on the other side of my brows. I also add up a little bit of eyebrow pencil to fill them in. And of course, never forget to brush them with a spoolie to remove the harsh lines to make them appear natural as always.
For the past month, I have been wanting to achieve the famous Korean straight brows so you may notice the change on the arch of my brows. I shaved them a little bit that’s why it’s now shorter, and I am very much happy with how it looks like now.
PRICE: PHP80.00 or (more or less than) USD2.00
It also available in shades black and gray.

It claims to be hypo-allergenic, sweat resistant, water-proof, protects lashes and locks in moisture, and lastly, makes your lashes appear longer and volumized.
This is by far my most favorite mascara!!! ♥ Before, I only use Maybelline mascaras but after having to try this, I use it whenever I do my makeup already. Without exaggerating anything, I can attest that it really sticks to what it claims for, most especially to how it volumizes and makes your lashes appear longer. Yes, I may really have some long and natural curly lashes (which I’m thankful to God for), but it definitely enhances them like as if I’m wearing some falsies.
Also, it’s definitely long-lasting and waterproof too! There was this one time when I’m actually wearing this mascara while having some sort of photoshoot if I may call it, for my fashion business. And then something came up which I got really stressed about so I literally cried so hard. After a good cry, of course I still have to check how I look like, and to my surprise, my lashes were still looking good and it hasn’t smudged at all.
PRICE: PHP180.00 or almost USD4.00

It claims to have a moisturizing effect and protection from UV rays with anti-wrinkle effect.
Yes, it’s definitely moisturizing and as I have noticed, it feels like as if you’re just applying a lip balm. It may also be pigmented, but it doesn’t have the creamy texture that I want. But I can definitely suggest this lipstick for students who just wants some color added to their lips.
PRICE: PHP150.00 or USD3.00
Overall, I find these products very good for their price and I’m rating them with 4 stars over 5. These products may not all be perfect but they’re absolutely worth even more their actual price. Not everything may work for me, but it may work for you, and vice-versa. Among all these I guess you can already tell that the gleamy lavish waterproof mascara is my favorite! And I suggest you try it as well. I swear, you won’t regret it! 🙂
Here’s what these products look like after several tries. And yes, I have used other products on my face too.
First try
I am actually ashamed to post this, but I realized that this is what product reviews are for. And it’s definitely a trial and error process. You’ll never know if you never try. On my face I have used all the products that were mentioned above. Also, here’s when I overdid my brows and applied too much BB cream. But as you can see, my eyelashes look stunning with the gleamy lavish waterproof mascara. And this is what the red matte lipstick looks like when applied.
After a few tries

I have used all the Rucy’s Vanity products here but I used a different brand of eyeliner, blush and lipstick. As you may notice, I just applied the auto eyebrow pencil from medium to the ends of my brows, and just a little bit on the other end. I also love how natural and smooth my skin looks here.
After several tries

Again, I used all the Rucy’s Vanity products mentioned above, as well as some other products too. It’s almost the same makeup routine in my photos above but this time I added some shimmering products on my eyes and cheeks. And as I have said about the coverage, you may notice a pimple mark on my upper  nose line, and I didn’t cover it up that much. Also for this look, I have achieved the somewhat Korean inspired straight eyebrows that I wanted. And this is almost the look I’m going for every time. But here you might probably notice that I have too much blush but it’s for the reason that I’m doing a photo-shoot for my fashion business that time, and I needed to wear as much makeup because the natural light tends to wipe out the makeup on my face making me look dull.
To those who are interested here are the websites, contact numbers and a place where you can visit them.
Unit 1706, Antel Global Corporate Center Julia Vargas Ave.,
 Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines
Online orders/Inquiry:
0928 900 1717 or 0915 298 7829
Telephone number (Ortigas):
(02) 695-3091
What do you think of these products?
Have you tried any of these before?
And which look/product do you like best?
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