Rosegal Review: Fashionable Chain and Solid Color Design Crossbody Bag

Lately, I’ve been so much into crossbody or sling bags, most especially the small ones! Aside from the fact that it’s very comfy to use, I also find it easier to get some stuff out from your bag. Using a larger bag such as a shoulder bag tends to make you carry a lot more items which you thought you might need when in fact you don’t. And I am admittedly that kind of person! In my head, you’ll never know when you’re going to need this and that, and so on.

So when Rosegal contacted me and asked which items I’m interested in getting, after choosing some tops, I immediately browsed through their bag section. At first, I was just in search for a new black bag. I just kept browsing until I found this fashionable chain and solid color design crossbody bag which I find really cute and perfect! Its size was absolutely fine, and I love that it’s not flat nor limited in space. This bag is definitely a must buy for those who seem to have so many stuff to carry yet doesn’t want to use a large bag. Also, it’s advisable for someone like me who cannot live without a power bank, mine is bulky and it fits really well in the bag. Not to mention that there’s still a lot more space for your other necessities.
Aside from its lovely texture and color, what I love about this bag is that not only it has a zipper, but also a locking strap if I may call it. And as you can tell from its name, it has a chain bag strap which I find so unique. Moreover, one thing I look out for bags is the inner pockets including the ones with a zipper. For the open pockets, I usually put my lippies, a few medicine tablets (pain reliever), and house keys in it. While as for the zipped pockets, that’s where I put some important stuff such as cash, IDs and a few cards.

To be honest, I really use this bag often, not only because it can carry all my stuff but also because it’s very easy to pair with. It’s neutral color and classic texture makes it more versatile and goes well with almost anything. If you’re into sling bags, I highly suggest this fashionable chain and solid color design crossbody bag from Rosegal.

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