Rosegal Review: 3pcs Rhinestone Faux Pearl Bracelets

An outfit will never be complete without a few accessories. It enhances one’s look and ensemble without having the need of using much. I, for one, is a fan of accessories. Like seriously! When I was quite younger, during a few trips to Bangkok, I always found myself buying a dozen pairs of earrings. I also own tons of choker necklaces, and even bracelets too. I don’t know what’s so addicting with them, but they definitely make your outfit a lot prettier.
As years go by, I eventually tamed down from wearing dangling earrings and some other tacky accessories. Well, that doesn’t include my obsession for choker necklaces, of course! 😉 Aside from those, I just mostly wear a simple necklace, a leather watch, a pair of stud earrings, and my Pandora bracelet. Since I’ve been overusing my Pandora bracelet already, I’ve decided to get these 3pcs rhinestone faux pearl bracelets from Rosegal which are very chic looking. You may get them for only $5.00, and it already comes in three! These cuff bracelets are made of cable-wire alloy chain and of rhinestones too. I find them so simple yet very elegant to look at. One thing I also noticed is that its design quite resembles Tory Burch. Having a simple and classic piece of jewelry or accessory helps you out to match them easily with your wardrobe. It’s quite big for my wrists but it won’t stop me from wearing them! 🙂
If you’re looking for some elegant and timeless pieces, better head over now to Rosegal for they provide high quality yet very affordable jewelry and accessories. It was the second time I received a package from them, and I must honestly say that I haven’t had any problems with the items and shipping so far. They still offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE, so start shopping now! 🙂
What do you think of these cuff bracelets?
Do you own one?