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A glass of beer for less than a dollar! 10 Pesos only!!! | Vietnam 2015

The only downside to a Do It Yourself trip is that you always have to figure out everything on your own. After having breakfast, we learned that we can no longer push through with our supposed tour on that day. We were supposed to visit Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, hence, it was closed on that very day. Actually, ‘di ko rin sure if tama ba yung naaalala ko na closed nga on that day or may ibang reason why di kami makakapunta non. Haha!

Day 2
Apparently, that morning, I am already wearing MY ONE AND ONLY PAIR OF LEGGINGS for this trip! I intentionally wore it on that day because I know that temples and other sacred places such as a mausoleum were very strict when it comes to your attire. The rest of the bottoms I brought with me were pairs of shorts. Good thing we were still in the hotel when we realized that we can no longer go on that day.

So as not waste our day, we went to quite a few small restaurants and cafe nearby. We tried out this breaded pork along with some orders of fried rice and veggies. One thing you have to remember when you visit Vietnam is to always ask if it’s for sharing or not. We ordered 1 cup of fried rice for each of us, and little did we know that it was good for sharing. Imagine this oval plate below filled with fried rice, and we literally ordered ONE FOR EACH OF US! Haha. We also quite had a hard time communicating with some Vietnamese people who barely know English.

After spending the day strolling in the streets, we also checked out some souvenir shops and bought some pasalubongs for our relatives and friends back home! I guess it’s an innate generosity of the Filipinos to always bring home something for your loved ones. May it is a souvenir or some food to try. Minsan nga galing lang sa work or kung saan pero hindi talaga mawawala ang pasalubong. πŸ™‚
Then we went to Bia Hoi Corner, which I believe is famous for experiencing nightlife in Hanoi. We settled in this small restaurant wherein a glass of beer is only worth PHP10.00 or even less than a dollar! It was unbelievable. The food and the beer were really good. When you visit Vietnam, be sure to try their beer! It was definitely worth the calories, ladies! β™₯ Haha as if binibilang ko yung akin ‘diba.
Camera used: Canon EOS M3

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