Zaful review: Army green off shoulder top

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Happy Chinese New Year everyone! How are you guys enjoying your weekend so far? As for me, I’m quite excited for tomorrow’s big event which I’m pretty sure most of you are aware of. Miss Universe competition will be held here in our country, the Philippines, and of course, I wish nothing but to win the crown! ♥ To all my foreign blogger friends, I know that you’re wishing the same thing for your country too. So let’s just continue to support our favorite candidates for this once a year event. 🙂

Moving on, when I first learned that green is the color of the year, I thought about wearing this top for our family’s New Year’s Eve celebration. I know it wasn’t the exact shade, hence, it’s the closest thing I have from my closet. On new year’s eve, I wore it with a pair of jeans and a pair of light orange flats. I’m not quite confident with how I styled it so I just decided to recreate this look instead.
This army green off shoulder top is the third item I got from Zaful. One of the many things I love about this brand is the quality of each item I receive from them, and most of the time they exceed my expectations. I paired it with a pair of off-white high waist shorts from Mossimo, and my favorite Tiffany tan doll shoes from Pink Butterfly Closet. I love that my top’s color isn’t too bright which goes pretty well with neutral colors. I also accessorized this outfit with my white wired with snowflakes charm choker from House of Chokers. I got this item for the mere fact that it reminds me so much of Aspen! Ahhhhhh, definitely a winter wonderland!! ♥ 
As always, I styled again my hair using the Irresistible Me Diamond hair straightener. I almost always want to style my hair like this. I feel like my hair looks too boring if I hadn’t styled it this way. Ugh. Diamond flat iron, what have you done to me? Got myself so obsessed with it. As for my makeup, I mostly used Rucy’s Vanity products such as the Gleamy whitening BB cream, the Two-way cake foundation, the Auto eyebrow pencil, and the Gleamy lavish waterproof mascara. I will write a review about these products pretty soon! In addition to that, I used my small palette of eyeshadow from Cezanne, a Japanese makeup brand. As well as a peach shade blush from Cover Girl, and lastly, the Lip flush bitten lip Maybelline color in the shade RD03. I’ll try to write a review about these cosmetic products soon.
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What did you wear on New Year’s Eve?
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