Day trip at Patungan, Cavite

Nowadays, everyone seems to get so busy and frustrated with school, work, traffic, and everything in between. I’m a full-time entrepreneur, and my time’s been much occupied with my business, of course. There are the never-ending inquiries, tagging, packing, and shipping parcels, you name it. So pretty much lately, you’ll just see me on my phone because that’s where basically my life is. Since I don’t have my own laptop yet, my phone is my mini computer where it has everything I need such as my photos, both personal and business photos, order forms, shipping details, and the list goes on.

On the first week of January, a lot of get-togethers has happened. Obviously during new year’s eve, and the days after were spent with my family. And then, my college friend, Audrey, came back from California for a short visit here in the Philippines. It has been almost two years since we last saw each other. And it had been a sort of mini-reunion with our friends from Aspen too. The night after was spent watching a Filipino movie entitled “Die Beautiful,” with a group of my high school friends. The following night was spent with my other group of high school friends. We usually spend our Saturday night eating, drinking and chatting, and ended up finishing the next morning. And oftentimes, we would go to Buting and have our so-called breakfast there. Upon arriving there at around 6 in the morning, we came up with a spontaneous decision of going to Tagaytay or at least look for a place to swim. In our excitement, we all agreed and went straight back home to get our stuff and ask for our parents’ permission. Luckily, six of us were allowed to go.
We left Manila almost 11 at noon, and we reached Cavite around 2 in the afternoon with some stopovers in between. I was so sleepy that I spent most of the ride sleeping. And of course, that includes the fact that we didn’t get to sleep for a night, right? We were literally like a walking zombie the whole time. When we reached our supposedly way to our destination, we were told that the beach was closed and they can show us the way to another beach. Upon reaching the place, they told us to park our car there and so we can ride a boat to take us to the beach.  Admittedly, the boat ride was quite scary though it only took us three minutes away from where we parked. It was a motor-operated boat, and we don’t have any life vests or anything which made me feel quite unrested. So it was almost 3 in the afternoon when we reached the cottage where we would stay in Patungan, Cavite. The person in charge charged us PHP1,200 for our 3 to 4-hour stay there inclusive of the fee for the two-way boat ride. Since we were a group of six, we only spent PHP200.00 each, and that is why it is always best to travel in a group! You get to save a lot of money. 😉

Having spent less money also means fewer facilities and amenities too. Of course, what do you expect? The cottage where we stayed is not like a hotel or room cottage that you may probably think of. It’s just like a small nipa hut where you can eat and hang out for the rest of your stay. Since it’s an open cottage, we quite had a hard time changing into our swimwear. Good thing there are blankets available which we used as a curtain, and so as to cover us up while changing. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the cool water on a hot sunny day. The warmth of the sun and the cool breeze just felt so refreshing. After swimming, we took a bath by using a water pump, or in Tagalog, “poso.” I believe they have a small toilet area which we didn’t bother to use anymore and just opted to use the water pump. It was actually my first time taking a bath with a “poso,” which I find both challenging and fun at the same time. We had to switch turns of who’ll to pump while the other is washing her hair and body. Lol. As tough as it was taking a bath, we also quite had a hard time changing our clothes. Haha, I wasn’t at ease while changing for who knows who might be peaking in the nipa hut, and not to mention our improvised curtains to cover up weren’t too reliable as well. Hence, if you’re on a budget and you’re looking for an escape from the city, this is definitely a great place to go to. It’s no fancy, but the place was indeed beautiful and relaxing.
Sometimes, best friends comes in three ♥

We left the beach after sunset and the waves were getting bigger. At first, the boat ride was again sketchy because who knows when the boat might turn upside down. Not to mention the fact that it was really dark, and all I can see is the light coming from the sky. In my head, I was actually praying, and I feel relieved as soon as we reached the other side of the beach where the parking is. Nevertheless, the experience has always been fun with this bunch. There’s no mobile signal and internet connection, so this is absolutely one of the places where you can really enjoy the company of your loved ones without using social media. Also, you’ll get to appreciate God’s creation even more by capturing as many wonderful photos as you can. ♥

PS. Spot my couple friends in one of the photos below. Lol

Photography shots are all taken by me using my phone.
Credits to Kathrina Puno for the other group and candid photos.

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