Pink Butterfly Closet Review: Tiffany Tan Doll Shoes

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Growing up, I would always see my mom wearing sandals or high heeled shoes for instance. I have always admired wearing those when I was still a little girl. Yes, I know, I am still a little girl, like literally because of my height. Haha! Kidding aside, I guess some of us, girls, were also like that when we were younger. We tend to try out our mom’s shoes and pretended to walk like as if we’re a supermodel.

As a kid, I would always pick wedges over flat sandals. I can still remember wearing my newly bought flat sandals upon leaving the shoe shop where we bought it from. I would intentionally try to remove it from my feet as we walk in the mall so my mom would notice how much I hated it. I was never raised up by my parents to ask for this and that, so during that time, I was really shy to admit that I want those pair of black wedges! Haha, I think I was only around 4-6 during those times. Ang arte arte ko lang bes! Hahaha. So we ended up going back to the store, and getting the pair of wedges instead of the flat sandals.
As I get older, akala mo naman ang tanda na. Haha! I would now prefer comfort rather than fashion. And besides, I believe that you can still look trendy with flat shoes and sneakers as long as you wear it with the right clothes. Whenever I go out, except when I’m with my family, I would always commute from home to wherever I’ll go. And just like what I have mentioned on one of my previous posts, Factors I consider when dressing up, commuting for me doesn’t mean riding a cab or booking an Uber or Grab ride. Commuting for me literally, means what it means. I would ride the tricycle, FX and even MRT or LRT. So, it’s mainly one of the reasons why I would prefer comfort rather than fashion. I want something I’ll be comfortable with, most especially during long walks. You may also notice that I usually wear doll shoes, sneakers or flat sandals on most of my outfit posts here and on Instagram. Admittedly, I am a very short girl, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing flat shoes. πŸ˜‰

Three weeks ago, I have received a package from Pink Butterfly Closet, an online fashion and shoe brand here in the Philippines. Not to mention that they have several physical stores already. Yay! πŸ™‚ One thing I love about their shoes is that its Marikina made, and as some of you guys may know, it’s known as the Shoe Capital here in the Philippines. 
Without sugarcoating, seeing and most especially receiving things which are Filipino made brings out the patriotism in me. It makes me so much proud of how our kababayans or my fellow Filipinos made so much effort and love in creating those beautiful pieces such as this pair of shoes. And one thing’s for sure, this pair of shoes is really sturdy and comfy too. Oftentimes, I would always see products from China, Japan, the US, you name it. And I am also guilty of patronizing imported products most especially from Japan. But to all my fellow Filipinos out there, I hope we also support and love our own. β™₯
Obviously, they sent me this lovely Tiffany doll shoes in the color Tan. When I first tried it, I was honestly impressed how soft and comfy it seems on my feet. And to think that it was made out of leather, I usually find leather shoes a bit hard and stiff too. Moreover, this pair of doll shoes was just plain with a simple bow in the front part which I really love! β™₯ Also, you can never go wrong with plain and basics. You may style it with almost anything.
I wore this outfit during my brother’s school performance. So obviously, I just sat there and watched the whole time. But after a few walks to the other places we’ve been to, I somehow felt a bit of a pain on my ankle. At first, I thought I was going to have some blisters, but surprisingly I didn’t. This pair was honestly comfy! But I guess, the pain I felt on my ankle was just normal when you’re wearing a new pair of shoes. Most likely, I’d be wearing this doll shoes more often, and so as to break in and soften its inside parts. So far, that’s the only downside I have noticed from this pair which I believe is a downside of every single new pair of shoes. πŸ™‚
To those who are interested, you may reach them through their Instagram account at pinkbutterflycloset. They also have a space in the following concept stores: Artisque, Le Concepts, Steam Yard, Style For Less, The Urbanizta Boutique, Melba Fashion, Mondaze, and District Twenty One. But I believe their main branch is in Marikina. Check them out ladies! I swear it was really comfy, and of course, fashionable to wear too! β™₯
If you’re somewhere near to these concept stores, visit them now!
To my fellow Filipinos, let’s continue to support and spread the love for local products.
Remember, you’re not just helping your country, but also, the small time Filipino merchants working hard to make a living, and of course, to make us all proud and be known all over the world. πŸ™‚
Let me know your thoughts.