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Throwback Thursday: To infinity and beyond

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September 30, 2014

When my friends and I got off from work, we have noticed how gloomy the weather was, and it was way far different from that morning before we headed to work. So, we started contemplating whether it will start to snow or not. Nonetheless, some of us were excited about it, most especially those who haven’t experienced the snow when we first got here during spring.

Anyhow, whenever I feel like I could handle the weather, I would usually brave the cold temperature by not wearing a jacket or coat, or at least wear one but with just one layer of a thick top. And since I have mentioned in my previous post, Throwback Thursday: Floral for autumn, how a hassle it was to change your clothes at work and putting them back afterward, I see to it that I keep my outfits simple and easy to remove and put on at the same time. I can still remember how some of my friends would call me “balat kalabaw,” it means differently from its meaning to my friends. People would actually use this idiom to those who are insensitive to others’ feelings or those who doesn’t easily get embarrassed. But as for my friends, it literally meant what it meant which is buffalo-skinned since I don’t easily feel cold. Well sometimes I actually do, however, for some reason, I have noticed that the thicker the layer of clothes I’m wearing, the more I get cold. I know it’s strange, but I guess  it’s just psychological. I’m not sure if it’s just me but, the less I cover myself up, the less I get cold.

Today, I’m wearing a white and gray houndstooth turtle neck micro fleece long sleeve top. I love its fabric which keeps me really warm. I also have this thing for infinity scarves because you could just simply throw it up without having to worry how it looks like, it was stylish the way it was. This maroon infinity scarf actually has some buttons, this way you could style it differently. And then, I was just wearing this pair of black leggings, a pair of bluish gray leg warmers which was originally my sister’s, and lastly, a pair of brown leather boots. I know how bad the idea was wearing a pair of leather boots in a cold weather. It keeps your feet colder, but I just see to it that whenever I wear one, I would wear a pair of thick socks and a pair of leg warmers just like what I have mentioned so as not to keep my feet freezing cold.

Turtleneck micro fleece long sleeve top: Uniqlo | Black leggings: Thrift shop from the Philippines | Maroon infinity scarf: Walmart | Brown leather boots: Go Jane | Black shoulder bag: Mossimo
How are you guys enjoying this time of the year so far?
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