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Throwback Thursday: Leather on leather

Autumn 2014
Move out day has finally arrived! Well, it wasn’t like we moved from a different state to another, but, it was still a lot of work minus the long hour drive. So, we moved from Snowmass Village to Marolt Ranch which was quite nearer to town and which means a 10-minute bus ride to work. Yay!

Although I must admit, the apartment we used to rent in Snowmass was definitely bigger and spacious as compared to our new place. We’ve got one bedroom each and two bathrooms to share, plus a living room and a kitchen there. However, the good thing here was that we were able to save more money since it was way cheaper. In our first apartment, I have three other roommates and we used to pay more than $500 each for the rent every month. It was hella expensive, I know. Hence, in our second apartment, three of us were sharing the rent of only around $200+ each every month. I mean, how cheap was that from our first rent to pay?

Anyhow, one of our ex-roommate from Snowmass was kind enough to rent a car and drive us to our new place with the bunch of stuff we had. Some of our friends also came by to help us out. However, just before they have arrived, my roommate, Audrey and I, waited for a long time in the freezing cold weather. I already forgot what was it about that we were waiting for but little did we know upon getting into the office, that we can get the keys from her to our apartment for the meantime, and so as we won’t get to stay outside and freeze to death.

Just before I got so cold, I managed to take outfit shots. As you may see, I was just wearing a white tank top, a cropped leather jacket, a pair of leggings, and lastly, a pair of leather boots. Who wouldn’t freeze in my outfit, right? Well, you see, I wasn’t expecting us to stay for more than 1-2 hours outside. Ugh, anyway, I was really happy upon seeing these dried up yellow and brown leaves. I was overjoyed that I really lay down on those leaves and ended up messing up my white tank top. Yep, sometimes when you get so overly excited, you tend to do something stupid too.
Please don’t judge me and my stupid act/awkward pose. Haha!

Cropped leather jacket: Guess | White tank top: Aeropostale? I’m not sure because I disposed it already after I did this. Haha! | Floral leggings: Target | Knee-high leather boots: Go Jane
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