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Throwback Thursday: Floral for Autumn

Millybridal Long Prom Dresses
 Autumn 2014

It was my roommate, Audrey, and I’s day off when we have decided to try out the diner in Carbondale which I will be blogging about sometime in the future. Hehe, ’cause no, I ain’t talking about food here.

Moreover, every time it was our rest day, we see to it that we get dressed up in a way that we usually don’t whenever we go to work. By this, I mean wearing a sweater or a long sleeve top, and a pair of leggings. Also, I guess I just got used to taking outfit shots for quite a long time now because I love sharing them on my blog.

Anyhow, maybe some of you were thinking that I can still actually go to work without going out of style. And I know that a lot of people are pulling that off. However, it was just different in our case. If we were working in an office or a corporate company, we would totally be delighted and/or required to wear something nice. But if you’re working in a hotel just like we were, it was just a pain in the ass to remove your so-called ootd as soon as you get into the locker room. And what makes it worse was just leaving them inside your locker for more or less 8 hours. It was a hassle especially during winter when you tend to layer up your outfit. So just imagine putting them on and removing them twice in a day, at home and at work.
Orange cropped sweater & black shoulder bag: Mossimo | Skirt: from a thrift shop in Japan | Black ballet flats: Payless | Wristwatch: Rue 21
I somehow regretted wearing this outfit, well not actually, it was just that I could have at least brought a coat or a jacket. It was extremely cold during that day, and I’m just lucky that I don’t easily get cold. Nonetheless, I’m still glad I came up with this cute outfit. I actually stole this idea from an outfit photo I’ve seen on Pinterest. I was overjoyed since I have quite similar pieces to the ones in that photo. Anyway, I’ll post more fall outfits on the next Thursdays to come. So keep posted! 🙂
Would you wear something like this too?
How do you style your fall or chilly outfits?
Share with me your thoughts. ♥