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Tokyo Disneyland experience + a few tips | AIRISH ABELLA

Tokyo Disneyland experience + a few tips

Day 5

April 27, 2016
Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always dreamt of going to Tokyo Disneyland. During that time, relatives and friends who visit Japan would always bring home some Disney and Hello Kitty stuff for us. In my mind back then, Japan was the only place where I could visit Disneyland. I thought it was where it originated from. Hehe! Well, of course, I was too young back then.

Growing up, I would always envy those who are visiting Disneyland, may it is in Tokyo or in Hong Kong. But in 2015, with God’s grace, my first visit to Disneyland finally happened! And would you believe that it wasn’t even one of the Disney parks in Asia? Not even in my dreams did I expect that I will be able to visit the first Disney Park there is. Got any clues? It’s none other than the Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. Not to mention that I got to visit the California Adventure Park too! But no, I’m not talking about that here. Yet! Haha. P.S. I’m not bragging of any sorts. I just wanted to share that with God anything is possible, and it’s not yet too late to fulfill those dreams.

Yep, it was pretty gloomy that day. Nevertheless, it didn’t ruin our happiest place on earth experience!

Like I said, visiting Tokyo Disneyland was a dream come true for me! And yes, I could finally tick off the ‘Go to Disneyland with my family’ from my bucket-list. It was a great blessing from God and I couldn’t get any happier.

Here are a few tips which would somehow give you an idea of what to expect or simply what to do. Please take note that these are just based on my personal experience as well as my own preference. So, everything is OPTIONAL. 🙂

Plan your matching outfits.

Since my cousins have gone there before, they noticed that Japanese visitors like to dress up with cute matching outfits. Some would go for a Disney-inspired look, but we opted to wear Disney shirts instead, and us girls, put our hair into two braids. You might think it looks crazy but, as soon as you get there, you’ll realize how fun it is to dress up altogether! Everybody dresses up that way, believe me. May it be a group of friends, families or even couples.

Buy your passes ahead of time.
If you could get your passes from the nearest convenience store to your place, why not? It is hassle-free and you won’t have to line up in a long queue to buy some tickets anymore.
Take the Disney Resort Line.

From the JR Maihama station, you could take the Disney Resort Line where it would lead you to the happiest place on earth! 🙂 You could also walk from the Maihama station going to Tokyo Disneyland. Yes, it may cost you a little, but let me just tell you that as soon as you ride that train, your Disney experience starts on a whole new level! ♥

How to go there? Check out the Japan Guide website here.
Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo Disney Sea?

These two Disney parks are far different from each other. If you’re a first timer, I suggest you go to Tokyo Disneyland. It has all the main Disney attractions such as Cinderella’s castle, It’s a small world and much more. In my opinion, it’s also more of the kid-friendly side based on its attractions as compared to the other park. On the other hand, if you’ve already been to Tokyo Disneyland, why not try and visit Tokyo Disney Sea this time? For me, it wasn’t completely a Disney themed park and its rides are more extreme than on the other park. But if you’re after the experience and you have a budget for it, why not visit both? ♥

Keep in mind that all Disney parks in the world vary from each other. Some may have the same attractions, but not completely alike. Just like me, I had a different experience from the Disney parks in Tokyo as compared to the ones I had in California. It was both fun and memorable, yet each park has its own uniqueness and that’s what sets it apart from the others.

Get a Disney hat or Minnie Mouse headband.

Your Disney outfit wouldn’t be complete without any Disney headpiece! In our case, my siblings and cousins bought some Disney hats, while I brought with me my Minnie Mouse headband. ♥ As soon as you get in there, most likely you’ll pass by these merchandise stores near the entrance where you could buy some cute hats.

Get a Disney autograph book.

Didn’t know that this existed too until my sister and cousin found one in one of their merchandise shops. If you’re a die-hard Disney fan, I suggest you get one. It was so much fun running after Disney characters to have a photo taken with them, and of course, get your autograph book signed too! I don’t have one but my sister and cousin do. It was really amusing to see them in real life, waving at you like as if they were a Hollywood celebrity.

And you see why I suggest you to get a Disney hat?
We can easily spot one another even from afar. Yep, that’s my cousin wearing a Winnie the Pooh hat, looking so stunned by Peter Pan. In her head, she might be thinking, “Ang pogi niya!” (He’s so handsome!)

Fun fact: Did you know that the persons behind these costumes have undergone an autograph training too? That’s why each Disney character’s signature is consistent, and they don’t just make all that up. Hehe!

Don’t be shy when approaching Disney characters.

The Japanese are the most courteous human beings you’ll ever get to meet in your whole life. When approaching these characters, you would see them standing on the side and as if waiting to be called by the character. However, my grandmother acts the other way around. She’s gone crazy over these characters! She’s way too excited and delighted to meet them for the first time, so unconsciously, she would grab them by the arms and hug them as if she’s the only person who’s wanting to have a picture with Donald Duck or whoever. You see, we cannot do something about it. I mean, yes, we could, we kept telling her to keep her chill and wait for our turn. But what can I say? Without her, we would’ve waited for a long time to have a photo with those characters. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t see anything bad with being patient and waiting for your turn. Nonetheless, when you’re with your grandmother? Just let it pass for today, and seize the moment! 😉

Don’t miss your chance to have a photo with the most popular mouse on earth! ♥
Obviously, Mickey Mouse has a separate queue among all the characters. The rest were walking around, but Mickey has his own spot where a personnel would hand you a pass to have a photo taken with him. Let me just share how Mickey kissed me on the cheek after pointing out that it was him on my shirt. How adorable! For a moment, I think I had some butterflies in my stomach as if I was Minnie Mouse. Kilig!
Time is gold.

Traveling with a group is very time-consuming. Waiting for one another all the time is. So, what we did was to group ourselves into two groups. My siblings, cousins and I grouped together. We stick together because we were the ones who tried most of the rides. While my parents, aunt, uncle, and grandparents were together. However, we would just separate ways if we were going on a ride, and after that, we would still stick together most especially during the parade and shows.

Get some fast passes.

Like for instance, the Splash Mountain has a really, really long queue. I suggest you get a fast pass and take note of the time period written in it. After getting one, you can now line up to the other rides first and come back within the time period of your fast pass. With it, you can now line up in a faster queue where it was most likely shorter and whereas you guys are prioritized first. Know more about it here.

Take note that it’s just for FREE so you don’t have to worry about it.
Before exiting an attraction, be sure to snap a photo of your shot taken while on the ride.

While you’re on a ride, you’ll never know when and where the camera will be. You’ll pretty much be preoccupied of when the ride will fall or when will there be some ghosts to surprise you. But most likely, the camera automatically snaps where you least expect it the most, like when you’re probably screaming your hearts out! Nonetheless, it was always a good thing to take a look at it where your photos were flashed on the screens. Since it will cost you to have it printed, I suggest to just take a snap of it from your camera or phone just like what I did. I swear you’ll get a good laugh after seeing your photo!

Get something fun and extraordinary to eat.

I already forgot what this is called but it’s pretty much like a steamed bun? I don’t know, I completely forgot. But it comes with a small cup of french fries and a drink. Anyhow, what I’m saying is, come on… Why get something you could actually purchase outside the theme park, right? Seize your Disney experience! ♥

Bring a small blanket or mat.
Well, this actually depends on you. In our case, we weren’t aware of it, and we didn’t mind it anyway. But if you’re very particular when it comes to taking a seat on the floor or if you’ll be wearing some white pants, then you should probably bring with you one. Regardless of that, you’ll be surprised how clean their flooring was. Well, Japan in general. And that’s how disciplined and particular they are especially when it comes to cleanliness.
Find a perfect spot where you could sit and watch before the parade starts.
Make sure not to miss it!!

In line with Spring and Easter, Tokyo Disneyland presents… Hippity-Hoppity-Springtime! I seriously got no words for this. This whimsical parade was truly amazing! Everyone would enjoy it, from your children to your grandparents, it will definitely bring out the inner kid at heart in you. Clearly, the theme of the parade and the entire theme park varies depending on what season will you be visiting.

Aside from the rides, get into other attractions too.
While in there, take hold of the moment and take as many photos as you can. As soon as you leave, you’ll never see like one anymore.
Minnie Mouse’s house ♥
Check out their food halls and stalls.
They are like no other. The experience was truly amazing and as if you’re in a different world.
Wash your hands often. LOL

It’s not that I’m referring to something dirty or what, but according to my sister, the hand soap foam from the dispenser was in a form of Mickey Mouse. For some reason, I didn’t seem to experience something like that but here’s what it probably looks like. Link here.

Witness the Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights.
I believe all the lights in the entire place was put on a dim as soon as the parade starts. But the colorful and bright floats would truly make your night full of fantasy.
Once Upon A Time at Cinderella’s Castle
Right after the electrical parade, I suggest you go directly in front of Cinderella’s castle and wait as soon as the show starts. There were fireworks, and the castle turns into a gigantic storybook where some of your favorite Disney character’s were brought to life. Music starts to play and remarkable scenes start to flash through projection mapping.

Indeed, my Tokyo Disneyland experience was beyond memorable. Having witnessed such magical shows and parades, every Japanese YEN spent was all worth it. If you’ve already gone to another Disneyland park, don’t hesitate to come and visit Tokyo Disneyland as well. Rest assured that it was worth visiting and paying for. Also, as per my research, Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney park to be built outside the United States and is most likely be identical as the one in Anaheim, California.

Have you visited Disneyland too?
Or are you planning to visit one?
Let me know down in the comments below.