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Sanrio Puroland | AIRISH ABELLA

Sanrio Puroland

Day 4

April 26, 2016

Ever since I was a kid, I have always been a Sanrio fan along with my sisters and cousins. Visiting Japan has already been a dream come true because this is where they are originally from. But, visiting Sanrio Puroland? It was heaven! And I sure can’t contain my happiness anymore. ♥

Prior to that day, of course, we already made some research about it as well as the other places that we were planning to visit after. Based on the reviews we have read, Sanrio Puroland is an indoor theme park and its main target are mostly kids. Hence, we still decided to go and see it for ourselves.

That morning, we traveled from Kawaguchi all the way to Tama in Tokyo which is popularly known as Hello Kitty’s town. How cute is that?? 🙂 Anyway, as soon as we got off from the train, we already noticed that it was undoubtedly her town. From the walls to the signages and up until the baffle gates of the train station you can tell that it was indeed Hello Kitty’s territory. Balwarte nga ‘to ni Hello Kitty, walang duda. Bumangga giba! Hahaha.

As soon as we left the train station, we crossed paths with this beautiful pink haired girl. I know it’s pretty much rude to take other people’s photos without asking for permission. But, hello? We were all in a hurry because the pedestrian stoplight might turn red anytime soon, hehe. Besides, who wouldn’t notice someone with a bright colored hair? Well, I find it so cute, and if only I have the guts… But, no. I think I’m good. 🙂

It was indeed a beautiful sunny day. And as part of a tourist’s duty, we found ourselves taking photos at almost every stop just before we finally reached our destination.


Ahhhhh! This is it!! ♥

Even the exterior of Sanrio Puroland itself was already camera worthy, and we had some several shots prior to when the “adults” have decided not to get in anymore. They were thinking that they wouldn’t enjoy in there since it was pretty much for kids, and at the same time, we’d be able to save some money too. So, why not. Apparently, I, along with my siblings and cousins were the only ones who went in.

So here’s the ticket price as per the Sanrio Puroland website.


3,300 YEN – Adult (18 years old and over)
2,500 YEN – Child (3-17 years old)

(Weekends, Public & School Holidays)

3,800 YEN – Adult (18 years old and over)
2,700 YEN – Child (3-17 years old)

* Kids under 2 years old are FREE of charge.

As soon as we got inside, we didn’t actually know where to start. There were a lot of things going on in there and we didn’t know which part should we had some photos and videos taken first, stuff like that. Then, we saw the queue for a photo taking with Kuromi, and we immediately fell in line. Just so you guys know, among all the Sanrio characters, my ultimate favorite is none other than My Melody! ♥ It may turn out to be a surprise because most girls do love Hello Kitty, but for some reason, I’m not one of them.

And then, we had another photo with another Sanrio character, Wish me mell. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think that’s what she’s called?

After that, we tried out some kiddie rides, and everything in there was just so adorable. I think we pretty much enjoyed sightseeing as well as taking photos, not to mention that there were cameras inside too.

And then, you could also enjoy sight-seeing and take photos of these candy store and bakery! They look so real to me. So adorbs!

We also got to watch their musical show and parade too. Believe me, I love watching this kind of shows because it was pretty entertaining. But surprisingly, I fell asleep while we were inside the theater. I somehow felt bad because I really want to watch it. I sincerely do. Yet, I guess one of the reasons why I fell asleep is that their lines were spoken in Japanese and of course, I cannot fully understand what was going on. Although there were small translation screens on both sides of the stage. Still, it was pretty much hard to watch since you have to keep on looking back and forth from the stage to those screens. Despite that, I was also guilty for the fact that even in the moviehouse, I tend to fall asleep whenever I feel exhausted and lacking sleep. So, Sanrio performers, I truly apologize for falling asleep that time. 🙁 In spite of that, I still enjoyed the show! Well of course only those parts when I’m still awake. Hehe.

After watching the show, we went for a restroom break first and we were surprised how these cubicles and sink areas look like.

Aaaaand, take a look at their pretty food hall too! ♥

Afterward, we played some arcade games and went to all sorts of adorable photo booths too.

We also had a chance to tour around Hello Kitty’s house, and of course, had a photo taken with her.

This is literally me when I’m tired. LOL

Here’s a grape flavored jelly drink I bought from the vending machine. I must say it was a counterpart for Philippines’ mogu-mogu.

To end our Sanrio Puroland experience, we got to witness their musical parade and it was very entertaining to watch. I was just quite disappointed that I haven’t had a chance to take a photo with My Melody along with some of the other characters. I’m not sure if their one of those characters who is allowed to have a photo taken with, though.

Overall, I find this place a bit boring for our age. My 7-year-old self would probably cry for joy visiting this place and seeing these Sanrio characters. Hence, it was still a memorable experience for a Sanrio fan like me, but I would recommend you visiting this place if you’re with kids because this is truly for them. 🙂

Have you been to Sanrio Puroland before?
Or at least, any Hello Kitty place?

Let me know your thoughts down the comments below.